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Hello, I lived in ochopee back in 73-78. I lived back in pine oaks on burdine rd. One day while walking down to catch the bus I saw a huge, smelly creature in the fog splashing across the road. I was a senior in high school then and did not go to school that day because I was scared to death. I always thought its a skunk ape, but never told any one for fear that they would think I was crazy. I recently watched a documentary on bigfoot and they showed the exact same place where I saw one.. we lived on the last road in Pine Oaks and it crossed the road right on the bend as you go to the last road. I’ve been holding this in for 35 years. The skunk ape was not as big as what most reports were, maybe it was a young one or a female.. but it sure did stink and breathed heavily. I think I made more noise than it did running all the way home..LOL.

It was the rainy season, the road was covered with water, you could hear it running the other direction, it must of been as scared of me as I was it.

It took me sometime to start walking to catch the bus again.

I just hope somebody actually catches one or gets good proof so they don’t think were all crazy.LOL.

Hope this helps you out..

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