Florida Skunk Ape on TV Show “Monster Quest”

The Monster Quest television series premiered on October 31. 2007 at 10PM.
On Wednesday December 26th at 10PM an episode that focused, partly, on the Florida Skunk Ape was aired. Below is the description and a place where you can download that episode.

Swamp Beast – The vast swamps of Louisiana and Florida hide many animals…including a beast locals call The Swamp Creature. At 7 ft tall, with red hair, and a rotten egg smell this beast has been nicknamed The Skunk Ape. For the first time, bloodhounds will be used to track the elusive creature. And sexual ape pheromone chips will be used to guide the bloodhounds to their prey.

Read more about Monster Quest and download some of the episodes here.

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  • Caleb wrote on 17 June, 2010, 17:06

    Can you please publish a real picture cause I am a curious person trying to track this joker down and possibly get a good picture of it in front of my trail camera.

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