Shaawanoki – The Mystery Of The Swamp Apes


“SHAAWANOKI, the Mystery of the Swamp Apes”. Some of the world’s most remote regions are said to be habitat to so-called “unclassified primates,” abominable ape men with a sense for evading scientific recognition with great effectiveness. We have all heard about the Yeti of the Himalaya, or the Sasquach and Bigfoot of North America. Little did we know, however, that as one author put it “…it could be in Florida that the mystery may eventually be solved.”

Native American legend, as well as recent photographs and eyewitness reports suggest that such a primate, half man, half ape, mysteriously coexists among human and animal populations of southern Florida. Peter Byrne, a British Air Force veteran of World War II, is a former hunter of man-eating tigers in India and Nepal. An expert tracker, he searched for, and found, Asia’s largest elephant (see his book “Tula Hatti, the Last Great Elephant). Mr. Byrne organized and lead exploratory first river runs in the Nepal Himalaya, China and East Africa. He also lead the great American Yeti expeditions in the 1950s and directed the 1990s research projects into the Bigfoot mystery of the Pacific Northwest, the results of which have been published in his bestselling book “The Search for Bigfoot…Monster, Myth or Man?”

A published author, lecturer and Member Emeritus of the Explorers Club of New York, Peter Byrne has appeared in over thirty international television programs and countless radio interviews. He is considered the foremost authority on the “unclassified primate phenomenon.” In the summer of 1998, Peter Byrne was asked to investigate evidence that suggests the existence of a small group of “swamp apes,” living in the Everglades, Big Cypress and coastal islands of southern Florida, creatures that are known to the Seminole Indians as Shaawanoki.

The story unfolds from the perspective of a world explorer’s assessment of fact and fiction behind numerous reports that claim recent swamp ape sightings, some of them supported by eyewitness photography. Based on his over thirty years of well funded research into related phenomena, Mr. Byrne’s relatively brief investigation in Florida effectively delivers credible options as to the biological possibilities for an unknown species to exist in the Everglades. Andreas Wallach, an award winning documentary producer, followed Peter Byrne’s fact finding mission with a camera. The resulting one hour program is presently undergoing licensing negotiations for international broadcast, satellite, cable and video rights. For more information contact Andreas Wallach. A feature length article about ‘the making of SHAAWANOKI…’ is available for publication on request.

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