The Bigfoot Chronicles

“We’d been there a half an hour and suddenly we heard screaming” Witness

This Queensbury resident asked us to keep his identity a secret but he remembers the day he was picnicking with his wife in the Adirondacks just outside of Fort Ann: what they encountered they weren’t prepared for.

“In your scope of perspective of what you know things like that shouldn’t be making that noise out there in the woods.” Witness

This witness says the creature that chased them that day was like no other animal in the state park and after investigation with sasquatch detectives our witness believes he encountered Bigfoot.

“As they were leaving something was basically shadowing them and they can hear it and he described it as something just barreling through the brush.” Steve Kulls

Sasquatch detective, Steve Kulls works with several organizations to investigate sightings and evidence from across the country and right here in the Capital Region.

“For the remoteness and the number of encounters out here it marks it definitely as one of the hot spots.”

“If you get one sighting it may be the start of something you got to go out there and check it out cause there’s evidence out there.”

Steve’s mission is to not only prove these beings are real, he and founding member of the Northeast Research Sasquatch Association, Chuck Adimolfi, work to educate the public about the bigfoot research and findings within New York State.

“When you are out in the woods at night and you hear something that could be mae by a creature thats 9 feet tall and 1000 lbs it can be a bit intimidating.” Chuck Adimolfi

Their latest piece of evidence Steve says may be the best piece of video footage that mistakenly captured in Modena, New York, just outside of Poughkeepsi.
The circle highlights what is believed to be a Sasquatch and their young playing in a tree.

“In this corner of the screen theres a large figure moving this way but thats not the amazing part the amazing part is the 5th or 6th frame you are going to see something jump off its back.”

“What we have here is something at least in the tree that we know is not human.”

The home video that we showed you was taken at a festival where no animals were allowed there have been around a hundred reported Bigfoot sightings across New York State.

Encounter Hotline : 206-666-4271
Steve Kulls is host of an internet radio show, The Sasquatch Detective, Monday’s at 9pm on

Originally posted at Fox 23 News, Albany, NY

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