Bigfoot? Skunk Ape in the Smokies?

This is an excerpt from a post made in the forum.

About 8 p.m. tonight the dogs were out in the dog yard raising holy hell. Barking like I have never heard them bark in their lives. Daughter went to let them in and when she was on her way back from the kennel building, she let out the most spine chilling scream I have ever heard. She finally managed to get in the house and was HYSTERICAL.

Totally, completely inconsolably hysterical. We couldn’t understand a word she was saying. Finally she managed to get “somebody screaming” out of her mouth. Husband goes out with a flashlight and in about 2 minutes he dashes inside and up the stairs to get his pistol. He stands on our porch and shoots a round into the woods THEN unloads the magazine. He then comes back in and gets his shotgun. I’m still trying to get daughter settled down enough to find out what she saw and/or heard. Husband comes in and gets me to show me something. In our gravel drive-way were 4 prints (the gravel is wet b/c of the snow) of something pawing at the ground.

Daughter finally settles down enough to tell me that she heard a weird sound, thought it was brother and then shined the light down my driveway toward the garbage cans. She saw something about 6 foot tall Tahoe so maybe taller>, on 2 legs , swaying/or bobbing back and forth and had 2 close set eyes that glowed in the flashlight. husband saw something probably taller than 6 feet , *kicking* its feet like a bull would do in the bull fighting arena, move from the driveway to over the short end (about 2 ft) of the retaining wall and WALK into the woods. The first shot he fired was a random shot to scare whatever away. The rest of the shots were at “it” as it walked up the woods and over the hill.

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