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The Skunk Ape or Stink Ape or Swamp Monkey as they are most commonly known as, is a cryptically hominid said to inhabit in the Southeastern United States, from places such as Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Arkansas, although accounts from the Florida Everglades are particularly common (Florida skunk ape).

Skunk ape sightings, while scarce, have been reported all through Florida for more than six decades but by no means have been substantiated scientifically.There was a large wave of sightings in the seventies, all consistently depicting the beast as reaching about 7 feet tall, weighing three hundred lbs plus and to be powerfully foul smelling. Since then the fame of the Skunk Ape in southern Florida has continued to gain, along with the number of supposed sightings.

The Skunk Ape is depicted as a large, long-haired, stinking, swamp-dwelling beast similar to the well-known elusive mysterious Sasquatch or a big chimp as the name suggests. There are many in the Sasquatch research fields that believe Skunk apes to be a variety of the infamous Sasquatch of the northwest.

Many accounts from witnesses also describe the Skunk Ape as having luminous blood-red or greenish eyes; however, this is in general attributed to the reflection of a flashlight or automobile headlights when the creature is spotted at nighttime. It has been reported that both the male and female skunk apes are covered with reddish-black fur and also have outstanding hearing as well as the skill to climb trees and swim rapidly in order to evade detection or capture from humans.It’s named for its visual aspect and for the repugnant skunk like smell that is said to go along with it everywhere. According to the United States National Park Service, the skunk ape exists only as a local lore and myth. Skunk Ape sightings were most outstanding in the sixties and seventies; nonetheless many still lay claim to have seen it and try to track the evasive beast to this day.Skunk Apes are said to kill livestock and be in particular hostile to cats and dogs. Skunk Ape’s are considered to be rather strong and tough, with one actual account putting forward that a skunk ape did not even wince when assaulted by a tracking dog. However, there has never been a recorded case of any individual ever being physically assaulted by a skunk ape.

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