1947 Patterson Bigfoot Video

This is the only film that I know of, that has been studied and not proven a hoax. What do you think? Pretty sophisticated costume hoax for late 40′s! … Big foot Bigfoot Sasquatch Patterson 1947 film

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10 Comments on “1947 Patterson Bigfoot Video”

  • crowers73 wrote on 25 January, 2010, 1:24

    its basically been proven real by forensic anthropologists..matched movements to those of human and found no way a human could recreate the gait..plus there is a portion of the film when looked at up close where you can seen a protrusion of muscle out of the thigh area.

  • Wiishit23456withvids wrote on 25 January, 2010, 2:17

    he walks somehow like scarface.

  • pasqualane wrote on 25 January, 2010, 2:25


  • threecundies wrote on 25 January, 2010, 3:22

    I saw a documentary about this film last night, and it was mentioned that some leading biomechanics experts say that the gait is decidedly non-human. Moreover, a fraudster would have to be very disciplined to maintain the walk. Another factor is that the ape has female breasts: these are not usual features of an ape suit. The creature also has a hernia on one leg, again this is a devlishly clever detail if this is a hoax. As for me, I’m undecided but open minded to the possibility that it’s true

  • CanMan1231 wrote on 25 January, 2010, 3:50

    How can you tell how good it is? It’s blurry and he turns for 2 seconds. All you need is a rug and some free time -.-

  • IamZiing wrote on 25 January, 2010, 4:00


    You think a suit THAT good would be made in the 70′s?

  • CrowbarSka wrote on 25 January, 2010, 4:09

    I personally think it’s not very convincing. while the bigfoot itself looks anatomically realistic, its movement is too similar to a human’s. it swings its arms pretty well, but watch its legs. it’s just like a person walking. wouldn’t it have more of a heavy stride like a gorilla?

  • CanMan1231 wrote on 25 January, 2010, 4:30

    It’s fake. The person who made it admited that it was just someone in a suit.

  • theropingeffect wrote on 25 January, 2010, 5:13

    It looks real.

  • Jedite01 wrote on 25 January, 2010, 5:18

    SHAKY SHAKY I think people should bring a fricken tripod

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