Part 6 Texas Bigfoot – Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

The Animal X- Natural Mystery Unit may finally have proof that Bigfoot, more properly known as the “Unidentified North American Primate”, is alive and well. Daniel and Natalie join Bigfoot researcher Chester Moore, who says he’s found the home of an elusive non-human primate at a secret location in Texas. As they search for clues, our investigators are stalked by this unknown creature for more than 24 hours. They hear eerie night calls, see broken and twisted tree limbs, and are convinced …

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16 Comments on “Part 6 Texas Bigfoot – Animal X Natural Mystery Unit”

  • zczaldy wrote on 15 December, 2009, 6:56

    Why wasn’t the camera moved to the path the UFO “unidentified fury object” was detected on, on subsequent night(s).

  • gamergod23 wrote on 15 December, 2009, 7:06

    all i want to say is that bill does a great job and so do you guys keep up the good vid thanks

  • StorytellerMedia wrote on 15 December, 2009, 8:03

    So as a tribute to those roots, the same roots as Bill himself, Ive used Bills talents as an actor to portray our Host as a kind of 21st century Music Hall or Vaudeville crier or performer. Kinda Gothic, kinda different. I mean why be normal.
    Love it, or hate it. Thats Show Business, but I think Bill is great :-)

  • StorytellerMedia wrote on 15 December, 2009, 8:08

    Bill is also known for his role in Hancocks Half Hour, a radio show, before Television. But he goes back further than that to Vaudeville or Music Hall as it was known in Britain. The city version of the travelling circuses and shows, complete with its freak shows, its Cryptozoology collectors and investigators.

  • StorytellerMedia wrote on 15 December, 2009, 8:59

    Bill Kerr was 85 years old when we made the Natural Mystery Unit. (hes still alive today and wants to make another series). He must be the oldest working actor in the world, who is known to a huge and much younger generation and it seems you either love him or hate him.
    Bill Kerr has been in more than 40 films with actors such as Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver. He was in the Dambusters, (if you dont know then Google it), He was even in Doctor Who back in the 60s.

  • StorytellerMedia wrote on 15 December, 2009, 9:36

    These fairs and circuses included the freak shows that were the home to Elephant Man, Siamese Twins, Bearded Ladies, dinosaur eggs and other natural mysteries; some were believable others were unbelievable, but where they real? It was left to the audience to make up its own minds.

  • StorytellerMedia wrote on 15 December, 2009, 10:26

    To those who dont quite get Bills role, and what the Natural Mystery Unit is about.
    Theres not enough room here to explain the whole ethos of Animal X, but I will explain where Bill come from.
    Animal X is the only long running Cryptozoology show in the world, Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals, animals considered to be legendary or nonexistent by mainstream biology.
    Cryptozoology has its roots in the travelling fairs and circuses of the late 1800s.

  • tb7la wrote on 15 December, 2009, 10:41

    Why dose the old man have an aura around him? Is he holy or supernatural? I mean he dose move around very quickly.

  • Chakdegirl wrote on 15 December, 2009, 10:51

    irritating old man….

  • wolfstev76 wrote on 15 December, 2009, 11:39

    i can stand most nonsense but the sound they make each time the “old man” moves from place to place is driving me NUTS!

  • wolfstev76 wrote on 15 December, 2009, 12:00

    if I knew a bullet was going to be fired at me and my boss told me not to move.. *blink*

  • SeamusMacpatrick wrote on 15 December, 2009, 12:42

    They are all Aussies

  • Horser01 wrote on 15 December, 2009, 13:50

    lol. Yeah, so on one hand either it’s a hoax or Harry is smart enough to not just walk up to something that’s that obvious.

  • AntiNWOsayno wrote on 15 December, 2009, 14:42

    I was in Washington State at Ft, Lewis in the mid 90′s . I was there to train with a Mtn. Unit while we were train on a near by Mtn. we were witness to a strange encounter with what we believed was Bigfoot at night i had seen it with nightvision mounted on my M-16 as we moved up the Mtn by foot. We told comand on what we had seen and were told not to discuss it with anyone and to forget it cause it didnt happen. We were upset but did as ordered,

  • GEORGEJONES2ND wrote on 15 December, 2009, 15:19

    lol, they always catch every animal BUT bigfoot on the hidden cam, nice video anyway. 5/5

  • MidnightKobra123 wrote on 15 December, 2009, 16:21


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