Part 10 Texas Bigfoot – Animal X Natural Mystery Unit

The Animal X- Natural Mystery Unit may finally have proof that Bigfoot, more properly known as the “Unidentified North American Primate”, is alive and well. Daniel and Natalie join Bigfoot researcher Chester Moore, who says he’s found the home of an elusive non-human primate at a secret location in Texas. As they search for clues, our investigators are stalked by this unknown creature for more than 24 hours. They hear eerie night calls, see broken and twisted tree limbs, and are convinced …

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14 Comments on “Part 10 Texas Bigfoot – Animal X Natural Mystery Unit”

  • capie44 wrote on 24 January, 2010, 1:11

    How can you tell about the vids? The camera man was so hyped up about being hired to film, that he couldn’t keep self nor the camera still! You can’t really tell what was on the screen, a show, or an earthquake!

  • capie44 wrote on 24 January, 2010, 1:33

    …and waaaay too much camera shaking!

  • capie44 wrote on 24 January, 2010, 2:03

    Boy, the cameraman sure loves to shake the camera…it’s like he wants to draw attention away from the show and draw it to himself. LET”S HAVE MORE CAMERA SHAKING!!!!! I don’t want to focus on the show, I want to see the camera man having fun!

  • imsocool213 wrote on 24 January, 2010, 2:52

    But he was funny.

  • WeAreBorg359 wrote on 24 January, 2010, 3:24

    II like the guy.

  • pjmackay76 wrote on 24 January, 2010, 3:33

    The Cheesy narrator does absolutely nothing for credibility, over acted fluff. Constantly interrupting to announce what we’ve just watched with our own eyes. Just the facts and the footage please.

    The topic of Bigfoot is met with enough skepticism as it is, this fanfare, trying to make something out of nothing just comes off as cheap and desperate… plus it’s irritating.

  • savboss916 wrote on 24 January, 2010, 3:56

    long lives bigfoot

  • terransage wrote on 24 January, 2010, 4:17

    I used to think bigfoot was a farce, but I’ve seen so many scientists and professors talk about the compelling evidence–and here’s a lot more evidence than I ever thought. None of them have any doubt there’s an undiscovered ape out there.

  • mijbil9 wrote on 24 January, 2010, 5:05

    The biggest Mystery to my mind is, What is a Hotty like Natalie Schmitt doing running around a forest with these Geeks??

  • ZEDROGANA wrote on 24 January, 2010, 5:47

    I beleave there is such a thing aswell, simply because this thing has been known for hundreds of years not only by us but by many tribes such as, Indians & apache & the rest across america, mexico, europe, canada, china and australia. You also got to thing if well did actually evolve from primates could this be the missing link?

  • marcjtdc wrote on 24 January, 2010, 6:41

    too much “acting”

  • erwintommy wrote on 24 January, 2010, 7:04

    I’ve seen it enough to be convinced it’s definately REAL. The territorial markers, the foot prints..strange whooping or goose like calls (impossibly loud for a goose) and a long weird scream I shall never forget and the sounds of what might have been one just inside the tree line with characteristically heavy bi-pedal foot steps…

  • XYOUNGWOLFX wrote on 24 January, 2010, 7:33

    good vids but you really messed up the sequence

  • immortalslayer90 wrote on 24 January, 2010, 7:39

    Awesome! Thanks!

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