Bigfoot Ballyhoo: Is Bigfoot Really Responsible for the Squaw Lake …

Guest Editor-Blogger: Frank Wesson from Redding News Review

Bigfoot Ballyhoo: Is Bigfoot Really Responsible for the Squaw Lake ... featured story articles other hominids Is Bigfoot really responsible for the Squaw Lake damage? That was a question that was asked today to the supervisor of the Siskiyou ranger station in Powers Oregon. He said at this point we can’t say what is going on with the lake. You probably know as much as I do stated Gordon Sackett. If we’ve got a situation that we feel is a danger to the public, then we have a duty to close the lake until a time when we deem it safe.
If we reopen the lake andĀ  someone in the public is harmed then we’ve got big problems. Sackett said, in a telephone conference with me, that many organizations have requested passage into the lake area. We are keeping the area closed to the public and that’s it.
He said that a groupĀ  based out of Eugene, Oregon has requested a permit to enter the lake area and was denied because of the dangerous conditions that currently exist. Also there are some USFS employees doing a study in the area. When asked what kind of study he replied “No commit. I’m sorry I’m not at liberty to discuss it any further.”

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Bigfoot Ballyhoo: Is Bigfoot Really Responsible for the Squaw Lake …

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3 Comments on “Bigfoot Ballyhoo: Is Bigfoot Really Responsible for the Squaw Lake …”

  • Louie wrote on 27 January, 2010, 11:37

    I think possibly another explanation is that a UFO landed on the structure. The one explanation I would rule out is that it was some teenagers or young men engaged in vandalism…that just never happens. ha.

  • bumpkin wrote on 14 March, 2010, 2:49

    Shoot. I have fished at Squaw Lake, and never even noticed the cabin! I would have loved to have explored it! Rats! The first time I saw Squaw Lake, I laughed so hard I howled! There I was, just a young’un in the pickup with my husband and uncle, and the rest of the fam’ travelling behind us(, of course,) excitedly waiting to see this amazing fishing hole they bragged so much about- after travelling for a few hours, way, WAY out in the toolies; I was, I suppose, expecting a substantial body of water.

    As we drove up to it, I felt a bit confused, and in complete awe, as there, before me, was this large puddle- OK, a really small pond, looking for all the world like -a fisherman’s Christmas! I blinked back the tears of disappointment, , and then, began to laugh. -There was just so little room to fish this tiny haven, and the willows, at that time, were so overgrown around the Lake, that there were literally hundreds of lures stuck in the branches of the trees, where in casting out, the rigging, bobbers and lures inclusive, wrapped themselves around the branches, and departed the fisherman’s poles! Oh, I laughed so hard I cried, which, of course, was a mortal wound to some delicate egos traveling with me.

    Still, as I wandered around and gathered a lifetime of fishing rigging, the fellas caught some really nice trout, and we had a wonderful meal, and a real good time. Honestly, for a few years after the infamous trip, I could still roll into gales of giggles just recalling the scene! -Now, for all you conservatists, please note, we took a really responsible stand, and de-lured every branch around that waterhole!

    I haven’t been back, and that was many years ago, so I’ve no idea if there is any lures hanging there to date. Hmmm! I suppose ole’ Sas found himself a liking for fish!? Perhaps that stove ring was tossed up in the tree because he still cant figure out how to make fire like the fishermen do!

    That would be frustrating, after sitting and smelling the wonderful aroma of freshly cornmealed-and-fried trout! I can just imagine him! Sitting there, wiggly trout all lined up on the stove grate, patiently waiting for them to smell so nice, then, finally, in waited-out frustration, tossing the whole maryanne into the treetops, and stomping off! heehee.

  • Courtney wrote on 28 April, 2010, 16:17

    The picture of the cabin is actually at Applegate lake, right by the big foot trap in Applegate Oregon. What happened to it? probably nature nothing stands forever without a little help, the forest service fixed up the bigfoot trap but left this old cabin become an eyesore.

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