1989, 9-9 in Brevard County, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting

1989, 9 9 in Brevard County, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting brevard bv

Encounter Summary

Sighting ID: 32861
Sighting Zone: 3
Date: 1989, September 9
Time: 11 p.m.


Location Details

Location Name:
Location Description: Nova Road which is off f Route 520. Nova Road is 30 miles long and extremely desolate (swamps and cattle farms).
Location Street: Nova Road
Location County: Brevard
Location State: FL
Location Country: United States


Creature Information

Details regarding the crearures appearence:
Height: 7-8 feet
Hair Color: dark

What the creature was doing while being observed: Runing down the street towards my car and then into the woods
Additional information about the creature: Footsteps on the pavement

Evidence Collected

I was unable to collect any evidence

Tracks In The Area:
There were no tracks in the area.

The creature emitted an odor: No


Encounteree’s Details

This encounteree chose not to have this information published.

Privacy is an important issue to most people, so any contact information sent to us in a report will be kept confidential, and only with the permission of the parties involved be disclosed.

At no time will any contact information be revealed without the conscent of the person or persons involved.

Follow Up

There was no follow-up on this sighting.

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4 Comments on “1989, 9-9 in Brevard County, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting”

  • Bo wrote on 5 December, 2010, 21:17

    If your most recent Brevard County skunk ape sighting was 1989, I might have a couple of updates as I’m presently working 2 on cases in the Cocoa-Titusville area

  • Joe Perkowski wrote on 6 February, 2011, 14:47

    I was the person who posted the sighting. It was one of the strangest moments of my life! I still remember it till this day!

  • August wrote on 8 January, 2012, 20:55

    Bo In 2008 My wife and I were staying in Manatee Hamock between Port St.John and titusville. It was just about dusk and we were at our campsite and heard a noise over in palmetos sounding like someone waling. Sudenly my wife saw something the size of a grown man quicky climb a tree. she was freaking out when I looked in the direction she pointed. We saw a silhouette of something the size of a grown man jump from one tree top to the next the distance of between ten and fifteen feet. Our dog Titus was going nuts. We called the park ranger who told us it was more then likely a oversized racoon. Yeah right, we know what we saw and it loked like a human in mid jump. Are the sitings you are investigating in that area. Feel free to email me.

  • James wrote on 10 September, 2013, 4:23

     Me and a buddy were out I’m Canaveral groves, off Grossom snipe hunting on a dried up pond. We had shot a couple and lost one. We started walking back to our atvs right at dark, and from out of the cat tails (about 10 to 15 yards) one of our dead snipe come  flying right past my face. Needless to say something threw it at me.. I heard reports of a big foot would throw things at  people. That’s what i think it was???

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