Is California the Bigfoot Epicenter?

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If you’ve driven through the redwood forests of Northern California, the signs of Bigfoot or Sasquatch are everywhere.  There’s even a Bigfoot Scenic Byway, an 89-mile road that spans Six Rivers National Forest, Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forests, and Klamath National Forest, all in California.

There are numerous organizations documenting and mapping Bigfoot sightings that are abundant in Northern California, and several books have actually been written detailing reports and accounts of the Hoopa, CA, Bigfoot legends. For an interesting read that can lead you into hours of delving into the subject to try to find out how much of it is hype and how much legitimate, just google “California bigfoot”, and you’ll find out after about an hour of scanning sources, and examining reports that there’s no fast answer. Many of the testimonies are by police officers, military, and credible witnesses, so it seems.  While the trademark of the creature is incredible height and half-man, half-ape like qualities, if you visit the area and hear odd screams that echo the forest, some say it is the warning that Bigfoot sends out to keep away.

Sightings reports of Bigfoot, the over-sized hairy creature bigger than an ape, illusive, and never actually caught, are abundant along the Bigfoot Scenic Byway in California. A trip along the road provides impressive mountain ranges, wild rivers, and recreation opportunities beginning in Willow Creek (known as the “Gateway to Bigfoot Country”) and ending in Happy Camp.

Bigfoot Scenic Byway includes several wilderness areas, two national recreation areas, and Redwood National Park. The small towns along the route are the perfect places to stretch your legs, learn more about local cultures, and stop in during one of the Sasquatch-related festivals held throughout the year.

Elk, deer, river otters, black bears, mink, bald eagles and peregrine falcons are among the animals sighted in the dense forests where many hope also to see Sasquatch. Whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and hiking at Marble Mountains Wilderness Pacific Crest Trail with 89 glacial lakes makes for some amazing escapes.

Though the drive can be made in a couple of hours, its local legends, natural spaces, and abundant recreation opportunities tempt travelers to alter vacation plans and stay a little longer. Bigfoot Country hotels: Best Western Hotel in Crescent City, CA.

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  • jenifer wrote on 28 July, 2010, 14:28

    if you see a big foot shoot it you think there not dangerous but i was attacked by a bigfoot it literaly picked me up and threw me against a 4 ft wide tree in california some nearby hikers saw the whole thing i weigh 254 lbs this thing was 7 ft tall i had no chance of winning this fight i had to call a chopper to pick me up becouse my back was broken in three different places. never confront a bigfoot, it was also my mistake to confront it. now i learned my lesson.

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