1995 in Lee County, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting

1995 in Lee County, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting lee le

Encounter Summary

Sighting ID: 32876
Sighting Zone: 5
Date: 1995
Time: after dark
Duration Of The Sighting: 3 min. appr.
What the encounteree was feeling during the sighting: curious and fear after


Location Details

Location Name: Old Bayshore road
Location Description: n the middle of road, dark , after rain
Location County: Lee
Location State: FL
Location Country: United States

Weather Conditions: after light rain in summer
Ground Condition: wet


Creature Information

Details regarding the creature’s appearance:
Height: 6 ft
Hair Color: dark
Weight: 200lbs
Eye Color: couldn’t tell
Speed: fast walk

What the creature was doing while being observed: at first possibly eating something then stood when we stoped and turned and walked into brush
The creature exhibited the following humanistic qualities: walked upright , except it didn’t swing arms while walking they were bent at elbow and held in front, it also had narrow waist
The creature saw me and its reactions was: stared for minute and then quickly walked off


Evidence Collected

I was unable to collect any evidence

Tracks In The Area:
There were no tracks in the area.

The creature emitted an odor: No
I noticed something unusual associated with the encounter: it looked as if it were eating something dead in the road, and this was not the first sighting in neighbor hood, it was seen 2 other times and one was by my brothers girlfriend who it chased down the road at around 2am
Additional comments about the sighting: hairy on all fours at first, seen us and stood up then walked quickly off road on hind legs

Encounteree’s Details

This encounteree chose not to have this information published.

Privacy is an important issue to most people, so any contact information sent to us in a report will be kept confidential, and only with the permission of the parties involved be disclosed.

At no time will any contact information be revealed without the consent of the person or persons involved.

Follow Up

There was no follow-up on this sighting.

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