Florida Skunk Ape Found: Part Two

I believe I filmed Bigfoot in the open grass area. He seems to turn to his right and move off behind the grass and trees. I need tech guys to analize this. Please help me here. This may be significant.

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11 Comments on “Florida Skunk Ape Found: Part Two”

  • AtumnLeaf7463 wrote on 20 January, 2010, 7:32

    Looks like a bear….

  • fasanotampa wrote on 20 January, 2010, 7:42

    Fair enough…when the economy gets better, I plan on HD equipment…thanks for your honest imput without being insulting like so many are..thanks, I mean that.

  • n0M4c wrote on 20 January, 2010, 8:05

    at 1:38 between the two trees (dark bush) it seem it is standing right in front of it, trying to use camouflage as good as possible and as soon as the picture moves away, it clearly moves to the right also … this is stunning holy crap :D

  • earlygates wrote on 20 January, 2010, 8:25

    I appreciate your enthusiasm but I think you’re making something out of nothing. Just my opinion. There needs to be definite high quality video before people post on youtube claiming they have found a Sasquatch. It just adds to the list of skeptics.

  • Donatillo1961 wrote on 20 January, 2010, 8:43

    spellcheck don’t work …why did I down load the stupidthing.

  • Donatillo1961 wrote on 20 January, 2010, 8:46

    nice job ! I amglad yougot it welldone man !

  • Malcontent1 wrote on 20 January, 2010, 9:40

    I dunno if it moves or not, I’m not even sure if I am looking at the right spot! I took some screen captures of a certain figure and made some changes to try and pull something out. I will post these pics so you guys can see them.

  • joe2trees wrote on 20 January, 2010, 9:56

    Nice work Tim. I am glad CSI Scott is on the case.

  • BFResearchSE wrote on 20 January, 2010, 10:24

    Looks like extremities. I hope Scott can pull it off for you. Good catch.

  • SquitchSquatchin wrote on 20 January, 2010, 10:53

    Great work Tim! Can’t wait to see what is found when our BF detectives go to work on this.

  • derekfoot wrote on 20 January, 2010, 11:30

    Wow, it looks like it does move. Way cool Tim. The only way you’re going to know for sure is to return to that exact spot and film it again, and see if it’s still there. It will be great to see what Scott can do with this. Good luck man, and good work!!

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