1979 or 1980 – Summer in Davie, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting

1979 or 1980   Summer in Davie, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting broward br

Encounter Summary

Sighting ID: 32905
Sighting Zone: 6
Date: 1980 or 1979 – Summer
Time: Mid morning


Location Details

Location Name: 1 mile north of Orange Drive, and about 1 mile east of Hiatus Road.
Location Description: cow pasture bordered on two sides by an orange grove. Pasture was over 3 miles long. just a mile north or so of South New River and Orange Drive. Possibly a mile east of Hiatus Road
Location City: Davie
Location County: Broward
Location State: FL
Location Country: United States

Weather Conditions: hot and sunny


Creature Information

Details regarding the creature’s appearance:

What the creature was doing while being observed: Sighting occurred from a cow pasture, viewed “something” from across canal, near pumping house at the edge of an orange grove.


Evidence Collected

I was unable to collect any evidence

Tracks In The Area:
There were no tracks in the area.

The creature emitted an odor: No


Encounteree’s Details

This encounteree chose not to have this information published.

Privacy is an important issue to most people, so any contact information sent to us in a report will be kept confidential, and only with the permission of the parties involved be disclosed.

At no time will any contact information be revealed without the consent of the person or persons involved.

Follow Up

There was no follow-up on this sighting.

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3 Comments on “1979 or 1980 – Summer in Davie, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting”

  • ed wrote on 21 September, 2010, 17:18

    wow, well i moved here from nj in 1984….sometime that year i was driving down griffin rd to us 27 joyriding where i made a right turn i had to turn around almost got lost but i saw something cross the rd on us 27 which is practically the everglades it was about 6pm about dusk.It was hairy maybe 61/2 feet tall probably 400-0r more pounds the color of the hair looked dark brown.it was moving very quickly into the everglades. im not sure if i was the only one to see it. But im pretty sure it wasnt a bear i was 75 -100 ft away when it was seen.Dont really want to talk about this but i know i saw something.

  • Cynthia wrote on 23 March, 2011, 23:33

    I lived on 130th avenue (Near Flamingo Gardens and the former Kapok tree inn), we moved there in the late 70′s, I was 9 or 10. We saw it often over a 5-8 year span. At Kapok tree inn, behind Kapok tree near the dairy, in our back yard, in the orange groves. We had orange groves all around our yard and it was common hear it at night, there were several pitches in the scream, you know what it is when you hear it. It killed the neighbors dog but that is the only time I heard of it attacking a pet. I did often hear of it getting the cows at the dairy. It smelled really bad and usually it would stay still until you saw it then it would leave. Only one time it was aggressive but I think it was just trying to scare me off. It was behind the kapok tree inn, there were beautiful sand dunes under the kapok trees and I would go riding (horseback) in there. There was also an abandoned western town (park) I think I got too close to where it “lived” it was jumping from tree to tree shaking them screaming, making as much ca motion as possible, it worked, I left as fast as I could. I find it interesting because it was so much a part of me growing up. I know a couple of things from family about the past information on the area that is interesting. When they started construction on alligator alley (1/75) to turn it into a super hwy is when the area started seeing them more often, they believe they were cut off from the everglades and shied away from the activity. The native Americans that have lived in the everglades know of this creature and respected him. Another interesting fact- One of the areas that I personally saw them the most was around the Kapok tree inn. It was a huge greek/roman looking restaurant, beautiful!! It went out of business but instead of selling it to let it stay open for business it was bought by the government. Shortly after leveling the place they put 8ft fences around the property at the top of the fences it had an extra foot and a half of barbed wire at an angle inward of the property (like something you would see at a prison) seems a little odd for property out in the woods in an orange grove….. 

  • Chris wrote on 8 March, 2014, 0:39

    I could not had said that any different. I am blown away that you had experienced some of the which I have!!! . I POSTED your comment with just reading the headline. I apologize! As reading your post, you are the b.rg.r.n family. I grew up in Cooper City. We all rode our dirt bikes everywhere back then. After the closing of the Kapok Tree Inn, it was fair game to scout the area. Before the fence and the barb wire was up.

    I remember as a kid, Kapok had a hay ride to find the Skunk Ape after a sightings in the early 80′s.

    There was a canal to the left, when looking at the 5′ concrete snails out front. That was the edge of the everglades back then. There was a huge Ficus tree that we root swung;;; across the water… 

    All I have to say, is that 2 friends and I were in a situation that was very intense! We had to leave in a hurry!!! Thanks for sharing Cynthia, because that situation had changed my life forever as well:) Chris

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