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Hello, I am a startled 23 year old guy living near Grant, Florida (80-100 miles south of Daytona on the east coast). My entire life my parents have given me the chance to be a woodsman and learn the land, as my father was a ranch hand I learn most hunting/animal traits early and honestly.

This afternoon at 5:30pm in a subdivision a friend of mine lives in, I saw a large standing “person” in a tree line, and it seemed to see me well before I saw him. It appeared to be 6′ or 7′ in heigth but the only head, left arm and leg from the knee down where in sight. As I said, almost hidden obvserving. Rusty colored long hair, imagine a blood hound with 6″ hair like a golden shepard. I jumped out of my car and I heard something running through the scrubs toward the WSW of where I stopped and got out of my car to listen.

West of that area is a huge ranch, to the best of my knowledge it is still nearly 500,000 acres. There was a smell like burnt welding rods and wild game (maybe close to field dressing a hog). I dont even have a clue what to think. These woods and that ranch have been my backyard for white tail, duck, and dove seasons since I was 10 and never have I seen this. When I was younger and hog hunting (on foot with no lights as it should be) I would get scared in the woods, so my cattleman father taught me how to identify animals by theres actions, eyes, prints, sounds, and many other crazy good ole’ boy Florida tricks. This was not a black bear, and for the first time in ten years I was frightened to the core at the sight of this animal.

Thank you.

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