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Florida Bigfoot and track photos | Oregon Bigfoot Blog skunk ape articles Many of the Bigfoot observations, particularly those observed in Florida’s swamp areas, including Polk County’s Green Swamp, have been reported to have a very pungent and musty rotten egg smell, resulting in the moniker “Skunk Ape.” The sightings report the creature’s hair or fur varies between black, brown or reddish – the latter similar to an Orangutan’s.

Fresh and distinctive footprints, measuring up to 15-inches, have been observed and numerous plaster cast impressions successfully recovered. At several locations where footprints of the ape-man have been seen, samples of hair also have been recovered and failed to match that of any indigenous animal, with the exception of a small percentage that turned out to be bear-related.

One is led to believe that with as many people reporting what they saw as real and described as a giant upright ape, seven to 10 feet tall and weighing up to 500 pounds or more, have, for the most part, passed polygraph testing. Observations have come from a variety of credible sources including naturalists, forest rangers, surveyors, loggers and members of professional expeditions.

This independent confirmation of the Skunk Ape or Bigfoot sightings in Polk County Florida near the Green swamp. This is a major SWIFMUD watershed area that I have done exploration outings in. The prints and photo I took was in the Green Swamp.  The poll on the right sidebar has a photo that I took in the Green Swamp of Polk County.

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