Six Million Dollar Man vs. Sasquatch

The Six Million Dollar Man fights with a Six Million Dollar Bigfoot?? This is neither crappy, nor a film, but it is certainly AWESOME.

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23 Comments on “Six Million Dollar Man vs. Sasquatch”

  • cvjucla3 wrote on 26 January, 2010, 8:20

    Indeed, on one level it was the talk of the town back in the 70s from elementary school to high school. And on another level, it was a very big event in the media. This was a big ratings bonanza for ABC because it was watched by a very large part of the Country. Americans have always been facinated with the legend of Big Foot . “The Six Million Dollar Man” was one of my favorite shows back in the 70s as a kid. “Starsky and Hutch” and “Happy Days” were my other two main shows that rocked.

  • JoanCollins2009 wrote on 26 January, 2010, 9:17

    Loves when he asks it if its a Woman lol hahahaha please lol

  • thedeviltroy wrote on 26 January, 2010, 11:14

    this was my favorite show as a kid! im goin to build a time machine and im goin back to the 70′s!…… after lunch

  • thedeviltroy wrote on 26 January, 2010, 11:25


  • melosebrainuhoh wrote on 26 January, 2010, 12:22

    This is awesome on several levels that I wasn’t even aware existed until now.

  • ryanlesperance777 wrote on 26 January, 2010, 13:09

    WOW! Just´╗┐ look at that leap at 0:26 I mean..WOW!

  • suckthemtoes wrote on 26 January, 2010, 13:15

    Why isn’t the six million dollar man available on DVD in like box sets. Everything other series is…..

  • nicoleakalilqueenie wrote on 26 January, 2010, 13:26

    Wonder why he just stood there and let Sasquatch hit him with a tree?! He could see that comin’ from a mile away!

  • Koduku5150 wrote on 26 January, 2010, 14:20

    Gotta love the good ‘ol days, back when Andre The Giant (Sasquatch) was still alive and in good shape :)

  • blablablacomojodes wrote on 26 January, 2010, 14:27


  • babyfartmg33zax wrote on 26 January, 2010, 15:22

    these sound affects are awesome..sound like the sounds from the old battleship game

  • silverrhawk wrote on 26 January, 2010, 15:58

    Whatever Joey! anything I would say to you on here I would say to your face GUARANTEED! Back down from nobody little man. Go ahead with the name calling it is now funny to me how much I am irritating you. Actually you need to get over your litlle gay youtube stalker syndrome since you seem to have a hard on pursuing silverrhawk. I don’t lean that way JOEY, your not my type. As far as discussing the show you like this argument because a “social outcast”:like yourself is being payed attention to.

  • joeyvader wrote on 26 January, 2010, 16:14

    Weren’t they great times…actually going OUTSIDE to play…?? This was a fave…as was arguing over who’d be Kirk and who’d be the Gorn… I sent my 11 year old out the other day…I told him NOT to panic …that heat he will feel on his back is called the SUN…

  • riskjunky1 wrote on 26 January, 2010, 16:23

    This was the shit back in the mid to late 70s….. My friends and I in third grade would talk about the show all the time waiting for the next upcoming Sunday night episode so we could recreate the action scenes on Monday mornings in the school yard….. Winters were the best for this, we could play king of the hill on the huge snow banks and inject sound effects ” a la six million dollar man” when throwing each other off the top of the snow hill ” a la slow motion ” ..

  • joeyvader wrote on 26 January, 2010, 17:09

    Do you have any contact with people other than via computer…if you did, you would understand that we don’t answer people with “I already know that (I’m so great)..what’s your point?”…is this how you speak to people in front of you? I’m guessing not…I’m sure that if you were confronted by an 8 year old girl, you’d cower like the maggot you are…brave behind the keyboard…hallmark of a maggot…

  • joeyvader wrote on 26 January, 2010, 17:36

    So you don’t admit that saying “What’s your point” was ignorant?? I stand by what I said…you talk like an asshole to someone…you get called an asshole…simple as need to keep this going at all…why would I want to discuss the show wiith a social outcast like yourself…??

  • silverrhawk wrote on 26 January, 2010, 17:51

    And just to clear up something from my previous, and last extended comment. I never accused you of saying anything about Bix. Obviously you did not get that either. You said I was a disagrace to BIX’s memory. I said “How dare you say anything bad about THIS concerning Bix.” refers to relating this stupid ass arguemnt to a fine actor like BIxby’s memory. Get it now, NO of course you don’t. I forgot you either don”t get it or read more into it than what is there.

  • silverrhawk wrote on 26 January, 2010, 18:43

    Listen hear DICK FOR BRAINS. I already stated my postion. You call me stupid but you are TOO IGNORANT to get it you IDIOT! I told you I knew and asked WHAT IS YOUR POINT? you replied back calling me an asshole so there it is. If you read more into it that is your problem get over it, move on or we can talk about the show or you can take a flying leap off the face of the planet and do us all a favor. Makes no difference to me. You wanna keep this up keep going ASSHOLE!

  • joeyvader wrote on 26 January, 2010, 18:58

    You must have the book “Insults from a Seven Year Old Halfwit.”…I waited to be called a “faggot”…you did that…(seriously, when was the last time as an adult, that anyone has called anyone ‘faggot’??)..I waited to hear the ole “I banged your Mother”…like clockwork it came…followed on the heels of (predicably) that my father was having sex with me…this moron is like a book…a book for 7 year old hafwits…

  • joeyvader wrote on 26 January, 2010, 19:08

    Stupid…yes you are..When you posted “Don’t say anything bad about Bixby.” (Which it was clear to anyone that’s not a mongoloid that I didn’t)..I asked you “What did I say bad about Bixby?” reply 2 minutes later “I never said you said anything bad about Bixby.” cookoo cookoo..I think a socially awkward reject like you misses the point of the show entirely…

  • joeyvader wrote on 26 January, 2010, 19:18

    Yes it is…I told a story in the spirit of fan to fan friendship, and this halfwit replies “I know that already…what’s your point??”….this guy is that hard to find human oddity….a true asshole to the core!!

  • joeyvader wrote on 26 January, 2010, 19:43

    It was ME that was looking for a fight??? What a tardo..I posted a friendly story about Kiel’s involvement in the pilot…you post back…”I already knew that…what’s your point”…from that exchange, in your warped diseased brain, it was ME that was looking for a fight…you are as ignorant as you are stupid…

  • johnmaff36 wrote on 26 January, 2010, 20:14

    im sorry. i stand corrected.

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