An investigation of the Hopewell Road Incident BFRO Report #18365.

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4 Comments on “HOPEWELL ROAD INCIDENT # 2”

  • fasanotampa wrote on 27 January, 2010, 7:27

    I am sure all of your ONE subscribers would agree with you

  • Voltara wrote on 27 January, 2010, 8:15

    Little doubt the BFRO would advise a sighting of a stray dog to be definitive proof of the bigfoot ape. The BFRO’s slapdash manner of investigation and lack of scientific depth is a barrier to genuine investigators

  • davaoci2 wrote on 27 January, 2010, 9:15

    so lush and green, i like that place.

  • clewi1091 wrote on 27 January, 2010, 9:19

    neat place.

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