John Cartwright and Don Keating of Bigfoot Fame

John Cartwright and Don Keating of Bigfoot Fame skunk ape articles I was listening to a Blogtalk Radio broadcast the other night about bigfoot research and they had on a quest named John Cartwright.  This guy had a sighting in 1982 in the Great Dismal Swamp on the Virginia North Carolina border (The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is located in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.  The refuge consists of over 112,000 acres of forested wetlands. Lake Drummond, at 3,100 acres and the largest natural lake in Virginia, is located in the heart of the swamp).

The show was going very well until Elusive1, the moderator for the show asked Mr. Cartwright his opinion about the Youtbube bigfoot posters, the guys I call YouTubers.  His opinion was not very good and he kept talking about Don Keating and how great he was and how we sucked.  I wonder why?  We have found clear evidence and keep finding stuff as we are willing to do what most people don’t, and that is get out into the field and actually look for the big guy himself.

the photo here is of a hugh print I found out in the Bullfrog area after I had scared something off and it ran along this river bank.  Do guys like Cartwright in his hunt for Bigfoot ever wonder why we would expose ourselves to this if it was just a damn joke.

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One Comment on “John Cartwright and Don Keating of Bigfoot Fame”

  • mike lewis wrote on 7 October, 2012, 7:41

    Why are you worried about what a moron like John Cartwright thinks after all he’s a moron. He say’s he saw a big foot when he was 17 and it scared the crap out of him. And he’s still scared even today( his words) and that he has nightmares about it. Now he acts like he ‘s the only one that knows anything about big foot. and is quick to call someone a liar. He’s afraid to go out in the woods and look himself but is quick to jump on someone that does when he don’t agree with them. And IMO Don Keating couldn’t find a Swamp Ape if it was sitting on him so I wouldn’t let him bother me none.

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