Discovery In A Hositle Territory

The larva moving the water and the coyote or small bear prints, and 125 degree heat index, show just how unforgiving this area is in the Summer in Florida.

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5 Comments on “Discovery In A Hositle Territory”

  • fasanotampa wrote on 6 February, 2010, 7:55

    EVerything is bad in the summer down here…can’t wait for winter!!

  • thefirstbillyjack wrote on 6 February, 2010, 8:26

    I wish I could Bushwhack off that road, the only thing that bothers me out there is the spiders. I lived in Jacksonville for 4-years and hiked the swamps in that area.

  • redchun wrote on 6 February, 2010, 9:03

    I`ve said it before you really do have a lot of obstacles down there,I know I couldn`t do it,I hate it when it`s in the 80`s here in Pa.

  • rjdalchow wrote on 6 February, 2010, 9:44

    “Atmospheric hum” is probably the sound of those billions of mosquitoes! Guess they don’t do it on the mainland, but in the keys the spray malathion from planes every so often. At least, they used to. Worked like a charm, too.

  • joebblack1963 wrote on 6 February, 2010, 10:19

    At 2:09 is that a bush or dead leaves hanging off a tree on the left side of the road, to the left of the skinny tree???

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