A Review of Leigh Hart’s Mysterious Planet – Ohio Bigfoot Conference Episode

As the indubitable Bill Green would say, we rate this show A+++++++++.    There were many  moments of pure humor and many long laughs.

Let’s begin with two things.

First, the Bigfoot Bully Keating enabled Hart the access he needed to make a very funny show.  Those offended, and those that might consider going to or speaking at this event should remember that, because of the bully’s insatiable desire for media exposure, they were and could be exposed to a documentarian with the same agenda.  We say, thanks Donald Keating, you helped those that approach this subject from a truly skeptical and funny angle with some laughs.

Second, to access the show you are going to need some basic computer skills.  We are not going to give a detailed tutorial, but we do think it is important that “Bigfoot Researchers” get a chance to view the show and see the risks Keating subjects people to feed his ego.  Licensing means the show is now only viewable to people in New Zealand, the work around for this is to create a proxy server for your computer located in New Zealand.  That’s the extent of the tip, enterprising “Bigfoot Researchers” will have to figure it out from there.  We would add, in the interest of making sure bigfootery does not totally screw up their access to the net, and especially this blog, once you are done viewing you need to reconfigure your communications so that you are not permanently using the proxy server.  Remember your IP and port settings, or simply run a system restore from a time earlier than the proxy server configuration.

So what about the show?

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