The Florida Skunk Ape Commemorated in Silver

First Ever Florida Skunk Ape Collectible Coin Minted!

The Florida Skunk Ape Commemorated in Silver skunk ape products featured story

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“I heard the dogs barking, ran outside to investigate, and there I was face to face with it.  Glowering, it stared at me, freezing me in my tracks, my heart pounding, my eyes watering from the stink.  I blinked and it was gone.  I’ll never forget that awful smell!”

– Witness #9

Eyewitness accounts like the one above have fueled the legend of the Florida Skunk Ape, known as the Southernmost Bigfoot in the U.S.A., and captured popular imagination with cryptic clues and mysterious firsthand sightings fascinating both believers, wanna-believers and debunkers for generations.

The Florida Skunk Ape has a devoted collection of followers who create Web sites, films, stories, and all kinds of Skunk Ape memorabilia.  In response to this phenomenon, John Kiminas, creator of — known for years as a clearinghouse for all things Skunk Ape, has now minted the first ever Florida Skunk Ape silver coin.

The Florida Skunk Ape Commemorated in Silver skunk ape products featured story

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This proof-like, investment grade, limited edition, 1 ounce silver round was minted at  one of the premier mints in the United States. Titled Glowering, the obverse side of the coin depicts the Florida Skunk Ape glowering after emerging from the woods and was inspired by the famous Turner River Road Sighting.  The reverse side of the coin features the state of Florida, “The Southernmost Bigfoot in the U.S.A.” and “Plurimus Inferus Magnus Pes In Terra”.

- Florida Skunk Ape Coin Specifications -

Title: Glowering
Uncirculated, Proof-like
.999 Fine Silver
1 Ounce

Only a limited number of these silver coins will be minted.

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  • panda wrote on 25 April, 2011, 21:04

    really cause im doin a report o this “skunk ape” and STRANGLY I BELIEVE IN ITS EXSISTENCE. so i need more proof but you helped me so far. thankyou :)

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