Yeti de Bourganeuf – Is this the body of a Bigfoot?

This is a short overview of a photograph taken of something that resembles a Bigfoot. Pay attention to the details in the hands.

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25 Comments on “Yeti de Bourganeuf – Is this the body of a Bigfoot?”

  • Constavlos wrote on 18 February, 2010, 4:18


  • sonofthedestroyer wrote on 18 February, 2010, 5:06

    The powers that be will hide Bigfoot until they can no longer do so. The reasons i believe are very deep. It reveals the interdimensional nature of life and that is something that the rulers want to keep hidden.

  • komodoman wrote on 18 February, 2010, 5:23

    You’d be a big fool then, & you’d be killed yourself. You’d be killing what is probably of human species, you wouldn’t find fame only shaking knees, from all the pro-BF out to finish you off. It’s either gonna be like that, or you dead & headless in the woods, killed in self defense by Daddy Sasquatch. If they sense your intent is menacing, YOU will be the target. You’d look very small indeed, dangling from the grip of an 8+ft giant, probably dead from fright before you hit the ground…

  • twinkieboy123 wrote on 18 February, 2010, 5:43

    screw the press..if i caught or killed bigfoot hunting,i’d go to fox and sell it for millions lol…or have gorilla stew

  • dragnsidheblade wrote on 18 February, 2010, 6:19

    and i’m still glad to see hackmasack deleted her account. No one misses that troll.

  • Masa5628 wrote on 18 February, 2010, 6:41

    Are u sure bout tha i mean if i found a dead bigfoot i would go 2 the press

  • dragnsidheblade wrote on 18 February, 2010, 6:50

    glad hack deleted her account, one troll down, several to go. 0-)

  • JPRichardson wrote on 18 February, 2010, 7:36

    It is an artistic depiction of Sasquatch by Emmanuel Janssens Casteels, not intended as a hoax.

  • plumeria66 wrote on 18 February, 2010, 8:15

    It doesn’t matter if this is real or not. Proof is thousands of people all over the world have seen Bigfoot, and the hair samples left behind conclude to be that of a “non-identifiable primate”. Hunters in the US have shot them and have sent bodies to universities, but to never hear from them again. No mainstream scientist wants to deal with it. Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant. Its habitat is lost and its #s dwindling, and soon to be extinct like the Neanderthals.

  • drmassone wrote on 18 February, 2010, 9:12

    This Vortigen guy who commented above is only saying part of the story. The Original body was found in a block of ice. It used to be shown. After that dude dies and it was sold to a private collector. But fake ones were supposedly made. Noone has never seen a fake one. My theory is because they couldnt produce something like this in the 60′s.. Now people can talk all the shit they can, but back then Scientist couldnt. 30 or 40 years Earliar the Silver back Gorilla was discovered. mainstream suk

  • MsFredWealsey wrote on 18 February, 2010, 9:57

    Hahahahah…. Jesi kralj.. xD

  • Hardcorecolubrids wrote on 18 February, 2010, 10:08

    this looks more really than those geigia fags had

  • Vortigern99 wrote on 18 February, 2010, 10:27

    Emmanuel Janssens Casteels, animal sculptor and a collaborator of the magazine Cryptozoologia, relates in the June to August 1998 issue of Cryptozoologia that two friends of his have helped people who wanted to make a giant copy of Bernard Heuvelmanss infamous frozen man from 1968: “In fact, it was a sculpture made with sponge rubber on which hairs of horse tail have been pasted. The eyes have been simply bought from a provider specialized in taxidermy.”

  • Fiiishy89 wrote on 18 February, 2010, 11:21

    hahahaha best comment ever

  • pacanime wrote on 18 February, 2010, 12:31

    I’ll kick the ass of the next guy who digs up my grand dad and posts his pics on youtube. Let him rest in peace you bastards. Now I have to bury his stinking decaying ass back in the ground. It’s my grand daddy okay. He was hella ugly and had issues with his hair growth. His teeth were crappy. Mystery solved. Now let him rest in peace or so help me I’ll be burying more than his ass in the ground.


  • Xomich wrote on 18 February, 2010, 13:05

    This has been proven to be a hoax you idiots! instead of proposing new theories and saying that it cannot be a hoax because the teeth are stunningly real, DO some research you retards!

  • hackmasack wrote on 18 February, 2010, 13:52

    INSANE BACKGROUND NOISE!! HIGHLY ANNOYING!! The thing in the pictures DOES NOT LOOK FAKED AT ALL! Pose ( look of the throat in image #2!), teeth shown in image #1 and #3; its little elements like these that don’t add up to “hoax” at all.
    An interesting, provocative clip…but that god damn Indian singing! Jesus Christ! How about a energency fire alarm for background music? Couldn’t be any more irritating!!
    PS: The behavior of the “authorities” is another tip-off to possible authenticity.

  • gangst1978 wrote on 18 February, 2010, 13:54

    I am a beliver in the subject and know a thing or two about these creatures. I have to sit on the fence with this, too many hoaxes out there, but if bigfoot or Yeti is real then it would look like this for sure.

  • missieMaNU wrote on 18 February, 2010, 14:23

    good proof excellent infact well done!
    but one tip slow the writing down! gd work

  • dragonsidheblade wrote on 18 February, 2010, 14:27

    Oh you’ll find similar features on humans like this hairy person. Search gigantism here on tube and look at that 23 yr old man that’s 7’8″ tall and notice his facial features. The Pawnee, Cherokee and Apache all have recountings in their history of some of their tribe taking these hairy people as mates. Aborigines in Australia have near identical stories and look at Aborigine facial features. Very similar to the face in these pics.

  • PostToastie wrote on 18 February, 2010, 15:07

    That ‘shit’ is called ‘text’, text can be read by people that have learned the skill called reading, you might try learning it, sometime.

  • fkovacs1 wrote on 18 February, 2010, 15:34

    Number 1, it woulda been kinda nice if you didn’t scroll all that shit over the pictures so we could actually SEE them, so I’m saying hoax.

  • KronprinzAdam wrote on 18 February, 2010, 15:36

    Hoaxes are very common on this topic. People want to duplicate the Patterson film or the Minessota Iceman with poor results.
    Last one was Georgia bigfoot hoax (a costume in a freezer box). A true bigfoot corpse has blood and DNA!!

  • Doc Icenogle wrote on 12 September, 2010, 2:57

    What it is you have is the old Minnesota iceman dispaly from the 60′s the second one not the first one. But it is still cool. :)

  • keri ferrara wrote on 21 April, 2011, 20:25

    looks like hes been circumcised

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