1999, 3-?? in Jefferson County, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting

1999, 3 ?? in Jefferson County, Florida Skunk Ape Sighting jefferson je

Encounter Summary

Sighting ID: 32889
Sighting Zone: 1
Date: 1999, March
What the encounteree was feeling during the sighting: We have no idea what to feel because people say we are crazy, but something is wrong and we would like to know what it is.


Location Details

Location Name:
Location Description: Did not actually encounter the creature but neighbors have been losing chickens. The chickens have had their heads bitten off and hunks taken from their side. One chicken coupe is dug underground and has to be entered through a door, when the chickens were found the coupe had not been destroyed, the door was just open.
Location County: Jefferson
Location State: FL
Location Country: United States

Ground Condition: I am not really sure that this is a track, but there is a trail leading through a thicket in our pasture. This imprint was found on a small mound of dirt, it had rained slightly a few days before we went to investigate.


Creature Information

Details regarding the creature’s appearance:

Additional information about the creature: We have heard some strange sounds like a moaning, our neighbors were watching TV and ran outside one night because they heard a sound over the TV, we did not asked what it sounded like.

Evidence Collected

Status Of The Evidence: I am in possession of the evidence.

Tracks In The Area:
There were tracks in the area.

The creature emitted an odor: The odor is that of what we call a poll cat, kind of a mixture of urine and a dead animal.


Encounteree’s Details

This encounteree chose not to have this information published.

Privacy is an important issue to most people, so any contact information sent to us in a report will be kept confidential, and only with the permission of the parties involved be disclosed.

At no time will any contact information be revealed without the consent of the person or persons involved.

Follow Up

There was no follow-up on this sighting.

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