Skunk Ape Expert Lie Detector Test

Dave Sheely, self-proclaimed expert on Florida’s mysterious monster, the Skunk Ape, bravely submits himself to a polygraph test to prove the validity of his viral video on the new Discovery Channel series, “Is It True?”.

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3 Comments on “Skunk Ape Expert Lie Detector Test”

  • Susiq2 wrote on 8 March, 2010, 16:28

    Why publish this without an answer? The video stops when asked if the report is true. This was a waste of my time.

  • Skunk Ape wrote on 8 March, 2010, 18:53

    I posted this video as it was available. I think the idea was to get us to visit their web site for the answer. But isn’t that what we are all searching for… he answer?

  • Zack wrote on 12 June, 2010, 15:40

    The episode premiered. He said that the video was real. The lie detector said he was lying, however, and that the video was staged.

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