Withlacoochee Track Of The Florida Trail

Withlacoochee Track Of The Florida Trail tim fasano research skunk ape articles I went on the Florida Trail this weekend which is an 1,100 mile trail that spans the entire length of the State of Florida.  I entered the trail in the Central section near the Withlacoochee River.  It was very remote and I got a lot accomplished.  I took lots of photos and video that I am studying now.  I think I found either a skunk ape or a black bear.  They are common to the area.

Much of the area is swamp with large Cypress tress.  You can see from this photo just how high the water level was just a few weeks ago.

I thought it would be a prime area for skunk ape tracks, but none were found.  I still have lots of video to go over from the trip.

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