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The Bigfoot Enquirer did a story in the spring where some investigative work resulted in us busting a hoaxer.  Don, the Bully, Keating had come to our attention earlier in the year because of his big mouth soap boxing on some of the internet talk shows.  He struck us as an arrogant blow hard full of himself and it.  Our noting his soap boxing resulted in a lead about his claims that he had spotted a bigfoot twice.  One of his sightings he sometimes mentions, other times he seem to forget it during his “countless media interviews”.

But the second one, he consistently mentioned it and had told the same story for two decades.  He claimed a sighting at night, in a very rural area under the light of a full moon.  We were able to find this story in writing and on one of the talk shows.  It seemed that nobody had done any investigation of his claim, actually it seemed that he was sacrosanct from any examination because of how he would bully doubters and his beloved money-making bigfoot social event and “Bigfoot Researchers” fears of being declared persona non grata.  Well, the BFE does not bully nor care about seeing rather mundane speakers spouting the same old stuff so we did some digging.

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