Bigfoot Caught Spying in Poland

Recently there has been reports of Yeti sightings in the Tatra Mountains of Poland. This is one of two new new pieces of video footage to have now surfaced that appear to show an ape-like creature roaming the Polish wilderness. Filmed by Tadeusz Serafinowski, he and his girlfriend Justyna Folger (seen here) were camping in the Tatra Mountains when they spotted a brown Yeti spying on them from the woods. The other video clip included here is called “Polish Yeti Footage” and appears to show a hairy Bigfoot like creature walking among some boulders and rocks in the Tatra Mountains.

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3 Comments on “Bigfoot Caught Spying in Poland”

  • joeypolanski wrote on 9 March, 2010, 4:44

    Maybe she screamd when she saw a hairy Pole.

  • MrTuxedoMan wrote on 9 March, 2010, 4:50


  • dondamon356 wrote on 9 March, 2010, 5:38

    hes got a fetish for non hairy beings… ver y rare.mmmm yeti pussy if only i could get a bit of yeti gash…i like it furry. keep on wanking yeti bro!

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