Sometimes Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut!

Intriguing title, yes?

This post is a team effort from The Bigfootery Enquirer staff.  Our midwest stringer had alerted us to a brewing flap from the weekend as some hot and heavy action was going down north of the Ohio River.  It seems that a few prior speakers from the Ohio conference were in agreement, Don Keating had stiffed them and welched out of promises made but not delivered in terms of what could only be called minor compensations related to their appearance at his annual fund-raising event.   It seems that one of the Keating posse became aware of this comparing of scorecards, so to speak, and naturally ran to him with the info.  The reaction by the “Bigfoot Bulldog”, bad and angry, was evidently a fairly predictable thing from what we hear.

Now here is where the blind squirrel deal works back into the picture.  On a whim this author, the blind squirrel, decided to listen to The Sasquatch Experience show on archive during lunch today.  Honestly, we get our fair share of tips, leaks and rumor, but I simply found the latest archived show on bigfoot.  After some small talk, and then some information from the guest, the first caller out of the box was Keating.  Some, like me, would call what followed funny, others would call it a sad reflection upon the caller and bigfootery in general.  After a veiled compliment to the guest, Keating got down to the real purpose of his call, a rant.  One could almost picture that large forehead glowing red like Rudolf as he started his attack, or was it a damage control spin?  One person in the chat room remarked he must be drunk.  Keating began by saying there was a “rumor” circulating that he did not compensate speakers as promised, but then went on to confirm that he might not have delivered as promised because of being so busy and not having anything in writing.   So it was not a rumor.

And then he went to the my conference is free justification, as if that justifies not giving people what was promised.  Sure, tell that to the people who paid for reserve seating, the numerous people who donated and participated in his raffle and who were hit up at the door for the ”suggested donation”.  This no admission fee conference is a strong four figure, some say five, one day income payday for the sole proprietor.    Come on, a little drop of that windfall for the speakers, one less mohito on vacation, dude.

And then we were all treated to what is reportedly a classic Keating’ism.  The childish I am going to pick up my toys and go home threat.  He is cancelling his internet “radio” show and may not hold his conference because he is so fed up with bigfootery.  This is evidently a near annual behavior to solicit donations, create angst among the loyal cronies and to get a few strokes to Keating’s ego.  To date it has always been a hollow threat for personal gratification.

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Sometimes Even a Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut

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