The Green Swamp, Possible Florida Bigfoot Area

The real liquid heart of Florida is the 560,000 acre Green Swamp, which includes portions of Polk, Lake, Sumter, Pasco, and Hernando counties, which lies over and feeds the Green Swamp potentiometric high. The Green Swamp potentiometric high rises up to 132 feet above mean sea level near Polk City and, like a water tower, provides the underground pressure to a multitude of free-flowing springs, the base flow of five major rivers, and hydologic support for countless lakes, ponds, seeps, and wetlands. Its ground water pressure supplies water to the majority of Florida’s population and prevents salt-water intrusion into the aquifer along the heavily populated east and west coasts.

I did a series of tree knocking at the heart of this water system.  It is secluded and so vast that a large primate could easily hide here.  These videos that I shot pick up a strong audio that seems to be an animal walking toward and behind me.  It seems to have responded to the tree knocking.

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  • James Butler wrote on 6 January, 2013, 23:19

    I am a Fla. native,all of my 50 years.I would like to go into the Green Swamp and look for either the skunkape or bigfoot.But I need to find out if it is legally to shine at night in the swamp?Any info appreciated.

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