Top Ten Skunk Ape Peeves About Humans

Top Ten Skunk Ape Peeves About Humans skunk ape humor featured story Written from a Skunk Ape’s point of view, reveals the many annoyances and irritations that are experienced on a regular basis, helping us humans to overcome such common mistakes as Odor Ignorance, Swamp Etiquette and Absurd Tricks.

Top Ten Skunk Ape Peeves About Humans

  1. Humans emit a very offensive odor.
  2. Why are your feet so little?
  3. Yelling at me for howling… I’M A FRIGGIN’ SKUNK APE YOU FOOL!
  4. Stop camping in my back yard.
  5. Take a bath in your own pond.
  6. Please pick a different song than “It’s A Small World” while hiking through the everglades, I can’t get it out of me head. AHHHH!
  7. What happened to your fur?
  8. Stop blaming your farts on me… not funny … not very funny at all!
  9. Any trick that involves trying to lure me in to the open with buckets of lima beans… stop it!
  10. Please bring Twinkies… I am tired of finding trail mix in these neat little boxes you leave at camp when hiking.
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One Comment on “Top Ten Skunk Ape Peeves About Humans”

  • TripD wrote on 15 June, 2012, 18:30

    Russ, are you sure you don’t morph onto the Skunk Ape, and spend some time in Green Swamp? You could scare the shit outa some of those People on the end of Keen Road if ya did.  Go for It Dude. 

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