Area With High Sasquatch Activity

Written by the video producer:
Stuff Randy Brisson and I saw in an area of extremely high Sasquatch activity.

The “bark strips”, were created when the top of the tree came off, pulling back a thick layer of wood as the tree top fell to the ground. It’s not Sasquatch related, but something which I have never seen before. There was wood knocking going on while I was filming it though

It has occurred to me that the broken rock may have been a victim of “rock knocking”. This rock may also have been used for tree based wood knocking.

The feathers and rock are at the same gift exchange and food gift location but it’s not my gift exchange program, so I dont know much about it.

Video shot with a Canon XH A1 – All controls including exposure and focus set to manual. Encoded to 720p .mp4 using the x264 encoder plugin for QT7

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