Swamp Ape Drawings

Forensic drawing of Swamp Ape by Matt Ellis working with Jennifer Ward, who actually encountered the creature in North Lakeland, FL last summer.

Swamp Ape Drawings skunk ape art featured story

Comparison of the head/skull/cranium of the Bigfoot and Swamp Ape.

Swamp Ape Drawings skunk ape art featured story

Images: Scott Marlowe/Pangea Institute

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5 Comments on “Swamp Ape Drawings”

  • Scott wrote on 24 March, 2010, 13:18

    Funny how the face of that ape looks like an owl. Hmmm….

  • Roguescout1 wrote on 28 November, 2010, 19:20

    I have a photo of a Skunkape that was struck an killed by a truck here in central fla. contact me an i will share what information i have if you are interested.

  • J.lat wrote on 5 June, 2011, 16:03

    The Florida skunk ape looks quite similar to the australian Yowie. There is a video on Youtube of a yowie filmed hiding behind a tree.

  • J.lat wrote on 5 June, 2011, 16:08

    Sasqautch and yeti are an extremely distant cousin to the neanderthal man who once inhabited earth.the sasquatch and yeti are not of earth but hav bin bought to our planet by the celestial beings of light for survival purposes. They are closely watched over and guarded by the celestials and will one day disappear again from our planet. It simply appears that earth is conducive for their particular needs for survival and have been temporarily placed here until their needs are fulfilled.

    These beings are not animals but are primitive beings from distant star systems. They are extrmely intelligent and simply know they cannot mingle with the earth people .Their fur covering is protected by sulphur smelling oils so as to shield them from preying animals and hunters.
    They are extremely tall strong fast and elusive and communicate to one another mentally and with their barks and howling sounds. Eventually they will be taken off our planet by the celestials of light. When this happens, They will be taken to a new planetary system similar to earth s where they will thrive and prosper. Be aware that these beings can survive on habitable planets which would be extremely harsh,
    cold and severe to man. They are excellent miners and naturalists!

  • Eddie wrote on 8 August, 2011, 7:56

    The swamp apes nostrils are too narrow. There is no way a being like this could have evolved to have such a nose in the hot and humid swamps. The bone structure looks like that of a bird but has ape-like feet. C’mon people, make these drawings somewhat plausible or you kill all of the fun.

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