Legend Of The Skunk Ape

Scott Fais, Florida On A Tankful

Legend Of The Skunk Ape skunk ape video featured story caught on video Neither snow, nor sleet, nor hail or drizzle keeps a former tomato shed closed, but rather open to 300 visitors a day.

"We're playing Florida tourist," said Dave DeCrow, a visitor.

In Ochopee, Florida in the middle of 700,000 acres of the Big Cypress National Preserve, you'll find something small.

But the smallest United States Post Office is often over shadowed by a bigger tale.

This story suddenly went from signed, sealed, delivered to open case.

So I headed down the street to the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters.

Inside the lab, you'll find snakes, spiders, and parrots, along with answers.

"I've been doing this for long time,” said Dave Shealy. “Forty years now. I've investigated hundreds, if not thousands of individual sightings, and based on the data that I have collected, we have between seven and nine here in the South Florida Everglades region."

Shealy is the leading researcher on the Florida Skunk Ape and established an outpost to share his findings.

"If you're not a believer, you'll be a believer," Shealy said.

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Eleven-year-old Matthew D-Ambrosio, who is visiting from Louisiana, is a believer.

For the past four years, D-Ambrosio spent his spring break right here.

Fais: What does a Skunk Ape smell like?
D-Ambrosio: Probably rotten eggs mixed with my brothers armpits.
Fais: Do you think a Skunk Ape would be a good football player?
D-Ambrosio: Probably.
Fais: Do you think a Skunk Ape could fix the car?
D-Ambrosio: I think he would wreck it.
Fais: What about if it was a girl Skunk Ape? Do you think it would be a good dancer?
D-Ambrosio: No

So what does a Skunk Ape eat?

“People,” D-Ambrosio said.

Or their body weight in bananas.

"Nobody leaves unhappy. You always see something," Shealy said.

Originally posted on the Central Florida News 13 Web site.

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