Bigfoot Research In Florida

There is much beauty and mystery to bigfoot research in Florida. 

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Bigfoot Research In Florida

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  • dave wrote on 10 January, 2011, 4:56

    It’s early am in tampa.  i live against the northern marsh forest area of the bay , bedroom window facing the marsh.  i was just barely asleep and awakened to a very deep gutteral moan followed by a brief squeal.   The voicing was too deep for a dog.   It made the neighbors dog bark slightly, i know the neighbors heard it too. I could only picture a wild bear making that noise but ive never seen a bear in florida.  the only other thing i can think of is some kind of ape.

  • Carolann wrote on 3 February, 2011, 9:30

    Dave , if you could give a little more info about the surrounding area that would greatly help ( ie how much unpopulated land and what animals have you seen or has been seen by others ) .. Boars , Bears , Coyotes, Bobcats, Panthers, Bulls and even Gators can make guttural sounds but with the squeal , I would lean more toward it possibly being a Boar !

    Now I am not saying that it couldn’t be an Ape or Bigfoot but check the area out around your place and see what kind of tracks you come up with and then go from there ! :)

  • Skip Hill wrote on 23 January, 2012, 12:06

    This is a TRUE storey that happend to me aned some friends in the winter of: 1972-73..THE WEKIWA RIVER INCIDENT

    Were we visited by a BIGFOOT/ SKUNK APE, you decide!

    This is a true story about an incident that happened in 1972 on the WEKIWA River located in a secluded part of Seminole County Fl that is bordered by Lake County, near the small town of APOPKA, FL. Even now in 2011 the swamp of this area is still quite large and impenetrable, bordered by two state parks and a wild life management area. The area of swamp that this occurred in was at the time roughly about ten miles + long and about five miles +, – thick and dotted with some almost 100 year old logging roads, the only road then and now to separate this swampy area from another ten + miles of equally thick and or thicker swamp and the rather large ST JOHN’S river basin and the rather large OCALA NATIONAL FOREST is a two lane black top road known as ST road 46, and yes there were deer, wild hog, bear and we even had a panther sited near the area of this incident.

    The following is a little bit of my history and the WEKIWA RIVER for those of you that may want to know how I know so much about this river.

    I grew up & hung out on this river from the age of about 10{1965} till I was about 26 yrs old{1981 when I got married}, I used to listen to the storey’s and such that the old timers talked and spoke about to help my friends and I find some of the OLD INDIAN mounds that are scattered up and down the river, my friends and I found some nice arrow heads, broken pottery and other stuff in them, there was 1 Indian mound we never could find though. I used to listen to some of the old timers talk about STUFF/ THINGS that they heard, saw and felt; they were always talking about how some of the cabins kept getting broken into and ransacked during the week, strange thing though; as a rule there generally wasn’t anybody on the river during the week with the exception of 1 or 2 of the old timers; most of the cabins were mainly used on the weekends, this I know this for a fact; I worked at the WEKIWA MARINA and RESTAURANT from the age of 10 till I turned 19 yrs old.

    The old timers would sometimes talk about strange sounds at night near their cabins, the feeling of being watched, quick views of; SOMETHING BIG moving through the swamp, I will admit there were times when out in the swamp or down at one of the cabins that I did have the feeling of being watched.

    You can view the area with either GOOGLE or YAHOO map’s if you want to, just look for the town of: Apopka, this area has grown a little bit in 40 + yrs, but imagine 40 + yrs ago, I know I grew up on this river and the surrounding area.

    Hello; my name is SKIP HILL and I’m 56 years old,{my real name} the following story is a TRUE story about something strange and some might say scary that happened to my brother and I and some friends when we were between the ages of 15 and 17 years of age, at 17 years of age I was the eldest of the: “WEKIWA RIVER RAT’S” as we called our selves, I’m pretty sure that the others that were there will still remember this “incident” as will some of our other friends that were there at the time, the others may remember this incident should you happen to hear about or read this story from our past.

    To give you a feel for the WEKIWA RIVER as it was then and still is now, in case you have never been to, heard of it or seen it; it ranges in width of about thirty yards wide in most places and a depth of about eight to ten feet, with fallen trees in the river and trees hanging low and into it, to about fifty and sometimes one hundred yards wide on some of the “flats” as we called them. The flats might be anywhere from 48 inches deep to less than twelve inches deep depending upon how wide the flats were that you were at and the time of year, and you always had floating logs that you had to keep track of because due to boat traffic they tended to move a little bit.

    I really do not remember the exact date that this happened on except for the fact that it happened on either a Friday or Saturday night in 1972, probably during the cooler winter months ; JAN/ FEB, I seem to remember that we were all dressed warm with some coats/ jackets, you see on those two nights we liked to “party”,{there was a regular group of us about ten or twelve of us that liked to drink a little beer and smoke some pot} as we liked to call it at one or more of the squatters cabins{these are now long gone}that dotted the upper ten miles of the WEKIWA River at this time, I was the only one that did not smoke or drink{two of life’s many little evils that I never took up, even at the age of 17yrs}, I was the “Guardian Angel” at all of our parties making sure that nobody got hurt and that things did not get out of control. On this particular night there were two of us driving the boats that were ferrying the “River Rats” {as we called ourselves} down to the cabin that we borrowed from a friend for that nights party, I was a regular night time driver, my friend, the other driver was just getting good enough where he felt comfortable driving the river at night with no lights/illumination.

    The time was around 10:30-11:00 pm and it just so happened that my buddy and I were at the boat dock at the same time loading our friends up in our 12 ft boats with 20 hp motors on them for the trip down to the cabin{those of you that have never been in a 12 ft boat with a 20 hp motor on it might not know this but this combination of boat & motor literally “FLY’S}, this cabin was almost four miles downstream from the WEKIWA MARINA and REASTURANT {has since burned down} boat dock. My buddy got loaded first and took off, I waited a minute or two and took off right after he left, and we always did this for safety’s sake in case we had motor trouble.

    Now I will switch over to what my buddy told me firsthand about what he saw & what happened moments before I arrived with my boat load of friends.

    “Ferrell Pine” pulled his boat up to the front of the cabin and started off loading his passengers and they all headed to the back of the cabin where a large wooden deck was located with a bunch of lanterns were hanging, my brother “Jeff” was banging away on a guitar and singing along with some of our friends some rather dirty songs that were patterned after some TV shows that were on TV at this time.

    All of a sudden my buddy “Ferrell” noticed a “LARGE” white form standing away from the front of the cabin in the shadows not too far from the river’s edge, he called out to “it” a couple of times trying to find out who it was, the next thing he knew “it” made a flying leap and landed in the river{ he said it sounded like a 300 + pound man/ person going in the water, most of us only weighed in at 150 pounds or less } and started walking/ wading. He started yelling for everybody else from the back deck to come around to the front where they all saw “it” walking, wading, across the river, they started throwing beer bottles/cans and anything else they could at “it”. Along about this time is when I came flying around the corner at full throttle with my boat load of people at the start of what is called: “SHELL ISLAND FLAT’S” and this is what I saw: I was about 50 yards out from the front of the cabin and it was all “lit up” from the lanterns and the available flash lights that were on hand, I could see beer bottles/cans and other stuff hitting the river behind “something” that was wading/ walking across the river, I always kept what is called a “Q-Beam” in my boat hooked up to a battery just in case of emergencies, I cut my boat down to a idle and grabbed up my “Q-Beam”. I first lit up the dock where everybody was standing and they were all pointing and yelling at “something” wading, walking across the river. By this time “it” was almost to the other side of the river, I took my “Q-Beam” and tracked the path it was taking across the river as fast as I could, about the time that my “Q-Beam” caught up with the “thing” it hit the swamp, from the river’s edge to the swamp it is a distance of only about six feet +, – to cover, all my passengers and I saw was a quick view of a white form as it hit the swamp on “2 legs”. We have had people try to tell us it was a “bear”, last time I knew bears ran on 4 legs not 2, we have had people try and say that it was one of the river rats “playing a joke”, this cabin was almost four miles downstream through some of the thickest swamp you will ever find or see, of the two or three of us that knew the swamp well enough to “maybe” have done it{possible during the day, impossible at night}; we were all accounted for at the time.

    For the rest of the evening until the party quit, we would occasionally take my “Q-Beam” and shine it across the river into the swamp at the point that “It” entered the swamp, and back in the swamp just out of good seeing range you could just see a vague white form pacing back and forth, needless to say any time that we had a “party” down there again we always had somebody watching and paying attention to everything that was going on, but we NEVER EVER saw it again, and again believe it or not this is a TRUE STOREY…SKIP HILL


    A few days before our party our buddy that owned the cabin {Charles Pafford} was sleeping off some beer he had drunk. It was late at night and something woke him up, he got up and looked out the front window and saw a white form pass in front of a tree in front of the cabin, he called out to it a couple of times but got no response, so he went back to bed and dismissed it as his imagination and the beer, we found out about this about a week after our incident…

    “Note” these next 2 are commets that I copied and added from some frieds that were also there that night”

    Debbie Pine Leonard Ingle: I remember back in 72 a bunch of us went down river to the A frame not sure who owned it after dark we smelt a bad smell the something kept hitting side of the cabin went on for about 10-15 min then Farrell /jim/joe/bret all come up in a boat and saw something BIG jump in the water That was one of my last trips down river..

    Philip Wheeler:

    Skip I love reading your stories it has been many years since I have been down river. I have traveled a lot and have had many great memories and experiences but I still believe those years to be some of my happiest. Thanks for bringing them back. As for other big foot sightings; on the State Park side up around the flats in the Rock Spring run, the rangers used talk about people who have seen them “Big foot” going back many years. I always thought they messing with me but of course I now know better…


  • Dee Bryant wrote on 5 July, 2014, 21:11

    I have pictures of foot prints that were on my land 22.2 acres. I thought they were black bear, I forwarded them to my brother .. hunter . But he said that is not a bear. and suggested I send photos to you or someone who researched this type of thing. If you are interested in seeing photos please let me know, if not can you suggest who can help id my foot prints.

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