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Is the skunk ape real i am 10 years old and i think the skunk ape might be a gorrila now i know what you are thik how does a gorrilla get in florid well i have one concluson the zoo, you know how all those phthons got here,well they got here by a hurricane that broke the zoo walls also siad that bigger animal exscaped including gorrillas excaped and were never found so in conclusion the skunk ape is a gorilla and if u ever sall a gorrilla they smell really bad so it is ovisal a gorrila

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  • Dennis Daryl Shamblin wrote on 1 July, 2012, 14:33

    Communion with Sasquatch is a non-fiction narrative written by author and journalist, J.P. Smith and co-authored by lifelong researcher, Freeman Young .

    The book is based on a series of interviews conducted by Smith, with three men from three different states who have had exceptional, lifelong experiences and up-close, personal encounters with the being known as Sasquatch.

    You will read in amazement, marvel, and wonder at perhaps the most intriguing and elusive being on the face of the planet, as each of the three interviewees recounts their most incredible, bizarre and sometimes frightening experiences with the legendary Bigfoot creatures, as they’re known throughout North America.

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