Scott Marlowe Has Seen The Skunk Ape

Although Scott Marlowe prefers the term swamp ape to skunk ape, the latter is the term usually used when describing Florida’s version of Bigfoot. On Tuesday, the Tampa Tribune ran a front page article detailing Marlowe’s search for the elusive primate.

Scott Marlowe Has Seen The Skunk Ape skunk ape articles

Ape believer Scott Marlowe holds a casting of a footprint said to have been made by a creature in the Ocala National Forest.

In Florida, tales of swamp apes are about as old as the Suwanee River. Likewise, around the world, stories of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman and similar creatures have been passed down for centuries by indigenous tribes, settlers, hunters and others.

Some believe the stories. Many don’t.

Then there’s Marlowe, 55, of Winter Haven, who not only says he has seen swamp apes but spends his time looking for more.

On his recent outing in the Green Swamp – an expanse of nearly 50,000 acres in Polk, Lake and Sumter counties – Marlowe spent a week in an area northeast of Lakeland. His goal was to photograph or videotape a swamp ape, or at least collect evidence such as hair, footprints or DNA samples.

Scott’s a good guy. Check out his website, the Pangea Institute.

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5 Comments on “Scott Marlowe Has Seen The Skunk Ape”

  • Sandee Fritzen wrote on 9 April, 2011, 15:46

    We had 2 sightings of the swamp ape (or bigfoot) in the area of CR 39 and 200 in Dunnellon by 2 different people..  March 15 one sighting and when we had the full moon another person saw somethling

  • Ron Thorstad wrote on 10 October, 2012, 13:10

    Some one recently told me of a Skunk Ape sighting (and horrific smell) on the Merritt island National Wildlife Refuge near Haulover Canal.  Do you have any idea if this can be possible?  Do you know of any other Skunk Ape sighting in this area?

    Many thanks.

    Capt. Ron Thorstad

  • Gator diane wrote on 9 December, 2012, 20:08

    I heard a deep grow on a certain swamp road i don’t want to reveal,in protection of this creature,and it was past unbelievable … Daine

  • mike wrote on 11 February, 2013, 19:40

    I would like to interview you on your sighting, would you be down for that?

  • David Skipworth wrote on 30 October, 2013, 18:43

    I would be interested in helping with any searches for the skunk ape here in Florida.

    I recently moved to Florida and I am strange to the area.
    I actually saw a bigfoot over 50 years ago in Okla. This was years before the Patterson Film came out and before the name “Bigfoot” was tagged to the creature. At this time we called it the Bugger bear. One month later an article came out in the Daily Okla. news paper that said a man in Caddo County emptied his revolver on an huge ape like creature. The description sounded identical to what I saw. I did not want to tell anyone about what I saw. Living on a farm, my chores extended into the dark of night. But that night I would not go and do my chores. My folks knew something was wrong because I was so afraid. So I had to tell them what I saw. The next night my dad and one of his friends took some trail hounds to the creek where I saw the creature. It was very odd, the dogs ran down through the trees to the creek. But suddenly the dogs came running back to the truck and jumped in the back and would not get out again. These dogs had never acted this afraid ever. I am an avid horseman, outdoorsman, author of a survival book, and did guiding and outfitting in Colo. So, if I can be of some help please call me at 352-789-3354 Ocala, Fl.

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