The New York Bigfoot Baby Footage

The footage from NY state where a purported bigfoot walks up and lets it's baby loose to climb trees, while the folks in the camera view never notices.

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27 Comments on “The New York Bigfoot Baby Footage”

  • skitzomxer89 wrote on 1 May, 2010, 4:07

    atleast with the baby bigfoot people cant say its a man in a furry suit. would everyone feel comfortable saying that it wasnt a man in a big hairy suit.

  • MrSkaramanga wrote on 1 May, 2010, 5:01

    All I see is some trees during late dusk, within that red circle. Why didn’y you just film it with the lense cap on?, it would have been the same thing basically, and you could have gotten a laugh from it as well. NOW, we’re all laughing at YOU, because you are insulting our intelligence, expecting us to believe this crap.

  • MrTamimisa wrote on 1 May, 2010, 5:49

    Interesting. This one is obviously not fake. The campers are obviously just horsing around and the tree in the background is never really focused on by the camera, and these drunken dimwits are obviously oblivious to whats behind them. So this is either real or misinterpretation. You do see a figure walking in woods behind them, but that could be a human. The thing in the tree is odd. I thought might be a bag caught on limb blowing around, but its not there in initial frames. Its animate. Hmmm?

  • LeatherBookVideo wrote on 1 May, 2010, 6:14

    lol @ your fail. your red circle is half the screen. 1star for lameO music

  • JPRichardson wrote on 1 May, 2010, 6:29

    All I see is a tree with a loose branch.

  • gangst1978 wrote on 1 May, 2010, 6:40

    you cannot see anything here to say it could even be an animal, what a load of crap.

  • Grim97 wrote on 1 May, 2010, 7:32

    My theory is it’s casting a shadow from… the other limb…?

  • doctorkazoo wrote on 1 May, 2010, 7:51


  • Masa5628 wrote on 1 May, 2010, 8:33

    Pretty sure it isnt a bear lol but the skeptics will say otherwise. nonetheless its appears to be a primate and really comfortable in the trees but if these are junoir bigfoots where are mom and dad

  • ian189189 wrote on 1 May, 2010, 9:14

    oh. my. god. the music is even worse.

  • ian189189 wrote on 1 May, 2010, 9:42

    i like seeing the vids but good grief make the intro shorter.

  • smallberrys wrote on 1 May, 2010, 10:25

    Its a leaf on a cobweb, swaying in the wind off the branch in the forground.

  • TasLon7 wrote on 1 May, 2010, 10:29

    Interesting video… really annoying music…

  • YoutoobHatesRyan wrote on 1 May, 2010, 10:57

    if its not bigfoot its gotta be a guy with a monkey… no kid is gonna climb like that.

  • billy240z wrote on 1 May, 2010, 11:21

    Hi First let me start by say who give a shet on what BFRO thinks. There fools to begin with.
    Now your film is there some way you can take this and have it redone by a pro or try new software. I see what your showing I also seen a full camp ground. I think if you do have this redone from the film you will have better quality of a film.

  • vegasdelong wrote on 1 May, 2010, 11:53

    it looks like they’re in a camp ground. Couldn’t that just be a kid up in the tree? I used to climb trees and yes, even swing on vines when I was a kid.

  • seahawks784 wrote on 1 May, 2010, 12:20

    I think this is a legite video,i live 10minutes away from the town this took place in and there are NO swinging animals up here in upstate new york…what could it be???It had to be a monkey or ape of some kind that is unknown to us at the moment……what some consider a big foot……

  • meatyb0nes wrote on 1 May, 2010, 12:44

    I recently moved about an hour south from where this took place in NY…You definitely can see the bigger silhouette of the top of the head moving away from the tree…that makes this video more profound than anything ells.
    It is definitely something monkey like swinging in that tree.

  • all66books wrote on 1 May, 2010, 13:37

    I said “ARE KNOWN TO” – not “there is 100%, absolute, concrete proof of the same.”
    The Bigfoot evidence we have to go on IS largely anecdotal, but there is a voluminous amount of the same spanning centuries, so that I have decided – as have many others – that enough of it is likely true, and make my judgement thereon (as well as upon other available evidence, such as footprints, audio recordings, etc.). YOU may, of course, believe just the opposite; no skin off my back either way.

  • virlegis wrote on 1 May, 2010, 14:29

    Your burden of proof is clearly somewhat lower than mine…or indeed anybody else’s!

    If you are using absolute terms such as “ARE known” and “usually hunt” then you need far more than second (and indeed third) hand “eyewitness” accounts which are – at best – unreliable

  • vena309 wrote on 1 May, 2010, 15:29

    It’s probably a swinging monkey I think.

  • all66books wrote on 1 May, 2010, 16:10

    In fact, Bigfoot ARE know to be tree climbers. Two reports confirm this. The first is the encounter with the “Darrington Goliath”, outside of Darrington, Wa., where the creature in question fell down through the trees in front of the shocked witness.
    There is another account from NJ, where a man saw a Sasquatch chasing a deer; he told a Navajo friend of his, who replied that Sasquatches usually hunt deer by sitting in a tree, and then jump & land on the deer, disabling it.

  • darkwinglh wrote on 1 May, 2010, 16:24

    yes, I have seen juvenile bigfoot personaly, but if you would get your head out of your ass and listen to the information presented, someone else claimed it was a baby bigfoot and I was only relating the information. I said what appears, not that it was. Damn, get a life.

  • mdgtrpckr wrote on 1 May, 2010, 17:13

    “…what appears to be a baby bigfoot…” — how do you know what a baby bigfoot appears to be? have you seen one on more than one occasion? are you so familiar with the ‘common’ “baby bigfoot” that its so-called appearance in the background of this poor-quality tape is irrefutable? try harder. it could be something else. common logic may not place it, but its ‘appearance’ is far from obvious, and especially non-suggestive to a baby “bigfoot” – a creature NOT known to climb trees.

  • Jeff wrote on 18 April, 2011, 14:12

    What part of New York is this footage taped??

  • crucial2025 wrote on 15 May, 2011, 14:10

    Your intro was too damn long and that stupid music well that just turned me off, so yes I think it’s not real. Please who ever told you to add that music is a jackazz.

  • Carl wrote on 19 February, 2012, 7:45

    All I see is a branch that has broken off and is hung up on another branch blowing in the wind. Where do you guys get a baby bigfoot out of this? Its this kind of thing that destroys the credibility of serious research.

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