Bill Dayholos Sasquatch Bust

Originally submitted to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory in 2005.

My name is Bill Dayholos. I’m 53 years old and and call Manitoba, Canada my home. I subscribe to your Streamlink and have enjoyed listening to your program for 10 years now. I have been a Remote Viewer for 9 years now, all starting form one of your shows that introduced it to me six months prior. I’m currently writing a book on my research with Remote Viewing and other tools at my disposal. I have been actively researching a 5000 year old native site here in Manitoba.

Upon making trips into the remote archeological site I found myself crossing the path of a strange creature call sasquatch. My experiences with this creature allowed me to access it via Remote Viewing, which revealed a lot of interesting information about "its ways". This includes a model for communication between the species. I have been sculpting for three years now and during Remote Viewing sessions of watching two different sasquatches I decided to sculpt one of them.

Bill Dayholos Sasquatch Bust featured story articles other hominids bigfoot art

I had seen the examples of other artist renderings and was not impressed by most images showing them as evil beasts. The one I became familiar with is very soft looking and appears gentle. She is very old and has gray hair. The famous Patterson film shows a black sasquatch with long hair on its brow. I have watched for this many times and there is very little on the one I sculpted, if it is there, it is very short and dense. I also believe that it could be because of her age.

Bill Dayholos Sasquatch Bust featured story articles other hominids bigfoot art

It has been recognized that there are more than one species (east and west ones) in North America. I believe this and also believe that there are regional and "family" differences in appearances. The bust shown is 10 inches high and my next sculpture is R V’ing Cleopatra. It will not be finished for a few weeks but you can see it after it is done at I also found it quite synchronistic that when I was sculpting the sasquatch and listening to your program at the same time someone phoned in and asked the guest if anyone had remote viewed a sasquatch.

Bill Dayholos Sasquatch Bust featured story articles other hominids bigfoot art

Bill Dayholos

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5 Comments on “Bill Dayholos Sasquatch Bust”

  • Bill wrote on 25 September, 2010, 8:49

    I have seen the drawings of countless bigfoots and I believe that Bill Dayholos is probally the closes to the real bigfoot I have yet seen, according to native american accounts the bigfoot is a gentle person unless prevoked and more manlike than an animal, others tend to make him out as a beast because it sells more press

  • Dale Drinnon wrote on 15 December, 2010, 10:30

    I had done a similar-looking sculpted clay bust reconstruction for Eastern Bigfoot prior to 1980, it has since then been destroyed. My research leads me to believe the Eastern Bigfoot is more of an American Almas than the West-coast variety, which is larger and more bestial-looking. This bust here would be a pretty good reconstruction for some of the fossil Neanderthal skulls from the Old World: some of them have that kind of contour along the top.

  • virginia jarvis wrote on 2 August, 2011, 2:31

    Bigfoot or Sasquatch seems pretty human to me, They are mentioned in the Bible Deut.2:20, and in the book of Joshua which describes his military exploits. Also the story about David and Golieth could be an encounter. I have done a fact based jokebook with illustrations to try to let people see they have more human than anmial personalities. Colorfully done pictures and jokes Examples @ http://Www.saveoursasquatch,com is dedicated to letting our kind realize they may even be just Hairy,Stinky,Giants and could even be reasonable and rational in a social way if we gave them the chance. Tho it seems we have to show we are first.
    I’m looking to prove they exist by refering to the Bible. Other religions books have mentioned them as well. Other societies give them credence. Our US society is pretty backward in many ways. Please don’t kill them to prove they exist. That is soo counterproductive..

  • apehuman wrote on 17 November, 2011, 10:18

    I can’t beleive I am just discovering yur work! I too, after perhaps 70 nights, about 25 trips, into remote area of SW came across “bigfoot.” And fairly quickly (they seemed to like me and developed a bit of bond and trust) realized they must be human…perhaps relic, perhaps sub-species, perhaps just wild. I began to refer to them in correspondance as Homo indomitus because I too feel the “Sasquatch” image is too burdened with too much bad data for too long! I am working on a little guest post about one of the main reasons I quickly beleived human even though they remined hidden. A “whistle Serenade” – too long here to describe..but the guest post will be an attempt to open the Bigfoot Hunter mind…that these are humans and not beasts…etc May I use the images of you work along with my post?
    I will link back to your blog. Thanks so much in advance for your response either way!

  • Harry Bourne wrote on 12 June, 2012, 15:44

    This really relates to your article on the Solutreans & boats.
    Firstly, you recall my note re. that subject and here I ask if youcan make a minor change in the wording, thus “Paul Johnstone (The Sea-craft of Prehistory 1980) cites an earlier French writer showing more of the same in Ireland”
    Secondly, re. the dots around the vessels plus equids, you may want to look up the site of the Rock Art Research Institute (=RARI) of Witwatersrand University (Sth. Africa). They show an example of San/Khwe rock-art of a bird apparently swooping down a cliff-face with dots outlining the head plus body.
    RARI say it is an Ethiopian snipe. The thrumming of its wings are held to resemble the Aboriginal bull-roarer of Australia and it seems to have been held in awe by Maori shamans.
    RARI suggest the dots suggest potency and that the bird itself is in the role of guiding the Khwe shaman into the Other/Spirit World.
    One last thought to remain between you and me, hopefully you will remain contactable by email. I will nor be joining Facebook as these social networks require too much personal info. in my opinion.
    Harry Bourne

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