Ohio Bigfoot Conference Recap

East Meets WestFirst of all, I'd like to thank Don Keating for organizing this annual event. Many people may not like Don, but he gets the job done.So many people came from all over the United States, most of them come to this event every year, but so many more new attendees came just for the chance to meet the legend, Bob Gimlin. Thank you to Joyce Kearney for making this possible. She didn't

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Ohio Bigfoot Conference Recap

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2 Comments on “Ohio Bigfoot Conference Recap”

  • william ernest wrote on 9 May, 2013, 11:22

    there ain’t no bigfeet around florida.

  • Bob Frank wrote on 5 December, 2014, 22:44

    One of the highly non-official names of this unclassified species is Bigfoot, not bigfeet. However, I do feel certain that there are a great many large feet in Florida and environs. Other names include Sasquatch, Wood Apes, the Ohio grassman and others. While it is true that there still is not an “official” classification for the species, it is true though not widely advertised that the US government has quietly acknowledged that the animal is real. As for its existence in Florida, it seems highly probable that a small population of these animals does exist there.

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