Interview: Dave Shealy, Searching for the Skunk Ape

Show/Host Name: Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vara

Show Name: Dave Shealy, Searching for the Skunk Ape

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Dave Shealy Dave Shealy has spent nearly his whole life looking for a creature, believed by many, to be only a figment of his imagination… You know him from his appearances on national television; Discovery Channel, Travel, Channel, TLC, Unsolved Mysteries, The Daily Show, The Pulse, Inside Edition, and you have read about his adventures in the Enquirer, The Sun, Miami NewTimes, and Readers Digest. Dave spends most of his time in the Big Cypress Swamp searching for the Skunk Ape when he's not maintaining the Trail Lakes Campground. I heard splashing in the water, that got my attention. I looked and 100 meters away, walking toward me, was the Skunk Ape. I was just dumbfounded!!! callins welcome.


Interview: Dave Shealy, Searching for the Skunk Ape skunk ape audio featured story dave shealy research

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5 Comments on “Interview: Dave Shealy, Searching for the Skunk Ape”

  • David Edward Oliver wrote on 23 March, 2011, 16:45

    “I believe every word Dave Shealy says. He says he saw Bigfoot, I believe it and that settles it!”

  • Suebee wrote on 8 June, 2011, 17:07

    I saw one of these things a few years back. It walked across the front of my van and the smell was horrifying. I could smell it for about 5 miles and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. When I talked to a few other folks, they saw this thing too. It isn’t you imagination Dave. The unfortunate thing is that we didn’t follow this up further and the wooded area that ths occurred in has been cleared and become a roadway.

  • john wrote on 25 May, 2012, 20:35

    me and my wife were diving home from trilby,fl to zephyrhills,fl on 35A at 10:30 pm going through richland when we came up on a semi that was very slow , there was one other car in front of us when all the sudden at a speed of about 20mph the car swerved me and my wife wondered why he swerved like that then we came upon something very hairy and black that looked like ape or monkey arms reaching into the road , like it was trying to pull itself  up from falling. as we went by i swerved and slammed my brakes on but not  to a stop… as we went by we watched the figure as a head came to sight. we could not see a face only the back side of the head. when we were passing it , it appeared to yank its arms and head back as to avoid being hit .My wife wanted to go back and see it but i was to chicken….. i have always been teased about skunk apes in the richloam/greenswamp area and have never really believed in them. but after this encounter im not so sure, i asked my wife what she seen like 4 times to make sure i wasnt seeing crap… now may i add i do not use drugs or drink lol… she claims she seen a big monkey like figure… so today we went back while it was light out and investigated the area to find what appeared to be 14-17″ foot print figures in dirt, a broken fence from something very powerful and a area of covered woods that really had a odor, am i saying we found evidence of the skunk ape ? no it just seems fishy…. after we looked at some photos we took today it appears a big black figure is standing in the brush…. i know most of you are saying “yeah right” and i would have said the same thing before last night but could it be the  skunk ape?i dont know but i do know what we seen i am really freaked out by this…..

  • Choppedlow wrote on 12 November, 2012, 13:58

    I knew I saw Dave somewhere!! Watch the documentary “Square Grouper”, about Everglades Florida.  The last third of the film is about him and his neighbors!  I’m on Dave’s side!!!  This only cements his knowledge of the Everglades! 

  • Patrick Sands wrote on 30 November, 2013, 3:29

    In a tree stand in Bad Luck ( Sorry non locals) This is in Collier County FLA. I was bow hunting, it was a very slow day in the early rutt. several small hogs wondered near my stand. VERY soon after they moved on I was hoping they had not run off any doe or buck. I was very still when I saw movement. About 60 yards from my stand. What I saw was not like anything I have seen in FLA (or anywhere ) It seemed to stand erect, about 5 to 6 feet tall. I stood up (without drawing my bow) And must have made to much sound or movement. The animal quickly made its way through the cabbage palms and out of my sight. I cannot confirm if this was in fact a Skunk Ape. 
    I grew up in South FLA , spent most of my time in the woods and the 10,000 islands. I have never had an experience like this. P.S. I dont drink or do drugs.I dont know what I saw but it was like nothing I have ever hunted or seen. Dont believe me……Spend more time in the woods (Bad luck prairie )

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