What Is The Florida Skunk Ape?

The Florida Skunk Ape Is The Southernmost Bigfoot In The U.S.A.

What Is The Florida Skunk Ape? skunk ape articles The Skunk Ape, what Floridians call their local version of Bigfoot, is known as Sasquach in most other places in North America. Evidence supporting the existence of the creature has been gathered over the years and consists of the hundreds of documented sightings, a few pictures, several foot casts and a couple of hair samples. Many questions have yet to be answered and as people investigate further in to the mystery of the Skunk Ape, we seem to be getting closer to the truth.

Is it real or not? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Where did it come from?

No one is sure where the Skunk Ape came from, maybe it was here all the time. As humans started to spread around the Earth we infringed on its once beautiful and hidden sanctuary, and we noticed that we were not alone, and so did they. Some folks believe that the Skunk Ape is a close relative of the Bigfoot that lives in the Pacific North West. Some folks believe it’s the same as the Bigfoot of the Pacific North West. Some folks believe it’s a paranormal beast. Some folks believe it to be a myth. Some folks believe it to be hoax. What do you think it is?

Whether the Skunk Ape is a relative of Pacific North West Bigfoot or a hoax, it’s not hard to believe that a being could live within the vast expanse of the Florida Everglades, existing hidden from our civilization. Imagine a culture of hominoids evolving side by side with humans, taking their own path. Is it possible? Well if you take in to consideration that we once thought the earth was flat! And we once thought that the moon was made of green cheese! And a long time ago, we even thought that Milli Vanilli could sing! Anything is possible.

How did it get its name?

The Florida Skunk Ape gets its name from the very fact that it lives in the state of Florida and that it emits an awful stench. People who have the pleasure of experiencing this smell have described it as that of an elephants cage, or a trash dump. One person even said it was like the scent of a skunk that just did battle with a dumpster. I wonder who won.


Many sightings have been reported. Sightings have occurred in all types of environments, at all times of the day, and many different locations from all parts of the state of Florida. Our Web site receives several sightings a week.

Once in a while we interview people that have just sighted the Skunk Ape, and you can see and feel the emotion that pours out when the revisit their encounter. Was it a real Skunk Ape or a hoaxter? To the encounteree, it is real. For us, we can only make assumptions based on the evidence and testimony available.

What do you think?

Countless people have firsthand knowledge of and are aware of the tales involving the foul smelling, hairy beast — and even more are documented in historical documents. There is not much evidence to prove the existence of the Skunk Ape, but there is enough to keep us asking the question.

Is it true, or is it a hoax?

Throughout the years there have been many that have tried to fool us into believing something that is not. We are attempting to create an extensive library of true events and hoaxed Skunk Ape encounters, in an attempt to separate the truth from the myth.

A wealth of information has been gathered and is contained within the site. Use the links provided to travel through the online world of the Florida Skunk Ape, analyze the evidence, contribute any if you have some, then make your own decision!

Until it is proven to be real or not, one can only approach the subject with an open mind and a question.

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